University of Liverpool


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"There's direct access to the city centre, very sociable accommodation, a huge amount of books and resources at the library and a range of different lecturers who all specialise in different areas."
"I'm loving the city and having everything so nearby. Studying is great."
"It is a decent university and some of the lectures are interesting. It was also one of the top unis when I applied."
"The campus is great, as is its location more generally. My lectures are interesting and I think I receive a good amount of support from tutors."
"The city, the teaching and the location."


"It is very friendly and there is a lot of support available to students who require it. There are lots of opportunities to enhance your skills and to try new things at a university where the teaching is world-class."
"The university is outstanding and has fantastic facilities. The social life is on point and everyone is friendly."
"It is a campus university so it's easy and quick to travel to different locations within the university. The city itself is great and full of different cultures, tasty cuisines, lovely buildings, great shopping and a wonderful nightlife. Most of the university accommodation is of a good standard and lecturers are approachable and friendly. The university have made lectures available for streaming, which is really good for revision and to hear things again in case you missed in the lecture. The university gives students reasonable time to do essays and assignments rather than giving them rushed deadlines."
"The on-campus gym, proximity to the city centre and library opening times."
"It's really good with disability support and in a good location. Liverpool is a nice city with opportunities to study abroad and good connections to further study and other institutions relevant to my course."
"It's a great city with good lecturers overall and great library access for studying."
"The social life is vibrant in terms of the nightlife. We have excellent teaching standards and the fact that it's a Russell Group university indicates that its prestige is above other institutions."
"Liverpool is a gorgeous city and the physics research at the university is among the best in the country."
"Mine is a really great course that's not offered at many universities and I felt supported when I asked for help. It has strong research departments that gave me good opportunities to be involved during projects."
"The location. You can live outside of the city centre but the walk into town from uni is very close. There's a great nightlife and my lecturers are superb."

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