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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There is a broad range of activities for students, from parties and clubs to sport events and game nights, both in town and on campus."
"The nightlife is fantastic. Music preferences, club type preferences and price variations are accommodated for. The location is perfect for first years who live in accommodation near the campus as no taxis are needed."
"There's a huge selection of places including clubs, pubs, cinemas, theatres and restaurants."
"Liverpool has a wide range of pubs and clubs in the area. Many of the pubs offer weekly quizzes and the clubs often put on events for freshers or Halloween etc."
"By far one of the most attractive things going for Liverpool is its nightlife. There is Concert Square in town with numerous clubs and bars being busy every night of the week."
"All pubs and clubs are a ten-minute walk away from campus or even closer. Lots of students go out nearly every night of the week and it can get very crowed at weekends."
"There are loads of pubs and clubs as well as restaurants, cinemas and crazy golf etc."
"It's all student friendly and affordable."


"There are loads of sights and museums around the docks and the Liverpool One shopping area is great. The clubs and bars are central and close together so hopping around to find your lost friends on a night out is really easy."
"There is a huge range of clubs and bars that can suit just about any type of person. Additionally, there are student nights and special themed nights all across the week to attract all different types of people. Alcohol is also pretty cheap in Liverpool."
"There are concerts to attend and you can go to see a match at either Goodison Park or Anfield."
"Liverpool's a great city to go out in with a wide and varied selection of things to do, both at night and during the day."
"There are a lot of local restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs that are all unique to Liverpool and it's always good to try something new. The shopping centre, Liverpool One, also accommodates large chain restaurants and shops, which again is very convenient."
"There's all sorts to do! A wide selection for shopping as well as food and drink. There are also loads of bars and clubs that make for a good nightlife. Great activities such as trampolining, swimming and go-karting can be found nearby."
"The nightlife is amazing, the city has so much to see and it really comes alive in the nighttime. Almost all of the clubs in the city have student nights where drinks are subsidised for them and there are plenty of places to enjoy an evening meal too."
"Cinema, crazy golf, shopping, theatre, bowling and a good nightlife (there is also an ice rink in winter for the build up to Christmas)."
"We have all sorts! There are lots of little independent cafes, shops, bars, nightclubs, loads of different places to eat and a very good shopping centre."
"There are lots of clubs in the same place so it's a really good night out if that's the sort of thing you like. There's a club for every night of the week and the Raz is pretty much world famous at this point for its cheap and cheerful nights."

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