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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
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(based on ratings in 2016)


"We're in a great location just outside the city centre. We have good libraries and the guild is great. Accommodation varies in quality but is not good value for money."
"The city has everything you could want. The campus has a gym, a pub, eateries and other places to relax during the day."
"The central location makes it very convenient to get to and the facilities are great. Student accommodation is quite pricey but affordable compared to other universities in the UK. During the day, you can explore the university campus or walk ten minutes into Liverpool city centre where there are shops, museums and theatres."
"My accommodation (Melville Grove) is amazing and any reported issues are followed up promptly. The campus is easy to navigate and the facilities are excellent. There is a large shopping area (Liverpool1) nearby that also has a cinema."
"The location of the university is perfect with close links to other cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. The campus is also well maintained with new buildings being added and also maintenance done on buildings regularly. The accommodation that I stayed in during my first year was fantastic with a very helpful team being on hand 24 hours a day and also facilities that I cannot fault. There is lots to do during the day, a short walk into town will provide lots to do if you find yourself with free time."
"The University of Liverpool is a 10-minute walk from the city centre, which is ideal. The campus is split into north and south for the sciences and humanities. There are two flat complexes on campus and other university accommodation 20 minutes away (by bus). As the university is city-based, there are a range of tourist attractions in the area including museums, art galleries and cathedrals. It's a fantastic city to explore."
"The location of my university is near the Albert Docks, so that is a nice area to go to. The campus is all in one place near town so this is very useful as well. Some student accommodation is off campus, and some is on campus. If you live off campus, you have to pay £370 for a bus pass all year. There is not much to do off campus except for going to Sefton Park. Other than that, you have to catch the university bus to go to university and then walk to town from there."
"The location and the facilities are great. The gym is not very good and far too expensive and the off-campus accommodation is quite far away."


"The campus is conveniently placed close to local transport links and the town centre, which is handy for a commuter like myself. I also like how the university is very self-contained."
"My halls of residence were a good place to live with a bus that ran to campus. The facilities are good, the guild has been refurbished and there is an off-campus sports field with easy access."
"The location is fantastic. The university is a very short walk to the city centre and buses are very frequent. Most of the halls of residence are very near the university, if not on campus, and the popular student living road of Smithdown is within a good walking distance of 20 or 30 minutes. The campus is a good size and easy to walk around within the university to get to your next lecture. Lime Street Station is very near, as is the motorway for easy access to other cities. The campus is clean and buildings are signposted around campus. Student accommodation is constantly improving with things like the recent development of Crown, Vine Court is quite new as well. The two libraries are very good and have a good atmosphere, having different sections for different noise levels."
"It's right in the city so you have access to any shop you can think of. We have two libraries, one for each side of the campus. Student accommodation is mostly right on campus but is still expensive."
"Great city, the campus is always lively with good facilities. Accommodation in Greenbank is old but with lots of new developments."
"Student accommodation is getting better with new halls being built. Campus is good and in a great location close to the city."
"The campus is based in the city but can feel like it has the good parts of a campus uni too. The best accommodations are on campus and rather new so they're of high quality and have been compared to hotel standards. The buildings for the dental and medical schools are the prime focus, it's therefore assumed to have the best facilities. Other course buildings are still good but aren't as specialised."
"It's a vibrant city with a great nightlife. Student accommodation was new and really nice but very expensive and, as I came in through clearing, there were no more affordable options left."
"The city is amazing and the campus is small but also full of life. Facilities are good, especially the size of the library and the closeness of the gym. Student accommodation is nice and new."
"The location is excellent, it's right by the city centre. Because it's an open campus, everything is in one place but not isolated from the city."

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