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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I believe the university does enough to attract students from a diverse range of backgrounds. However, it could do more to support these students."
"The uni used to do a lot of advertisements in different countries. I am from Bulgaria and the University of Liverpool was recommended to me a lot."
"The university boasts an incredible number of international students and my best friends from Singapore and France. Many cultures are represented at the university and this makes for a great collaborative environment. I've attended social cultural gatherings among many different groups from Japanese to Chinese to Indian to Arabian. I've been able to partake in the events of these groups due to the students' union and this allowed me to experience the food and cultures of these groups."


"Yes, they even provide an English class for people who want to improve their English speaking skills."
"I feel that it's very diverse culturally but perhaps not when it comes to class as many people, especially in my halls, are middle class or above."
"There are prayer rooms and churches etc for multi-faith backgrounds."
"The University of Liverpool does enough, in my opinion, to attract a diverse range of students."
"I think there could be more culturally appropriate events and stronger promotion of diverse societies for students from diverse backgrounds to join."
"There are many exchange students from a wide variety of nationalities. People travel from all over the world to become students at this uni so it must be catering very well for all students."
"The university does enough to cover this, they are open and welcome students from all backgrounds and encourage them to be themselves here."
"There are students from all over the world here. They are welcomed by staff and students and there are many societies that help them to acclimatise to a new country."
"I think the university attracts different backgrounds due to the lovely city and the prestige of being a Russell Group uni."
"Yes, the university offers study abroad programmes so students from other countries can come and study here."

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