University of Liverpool


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"I feel that the university is unable to provide the opportunity for closer student support due to the size of the student body. I would have liked the chance to be involved in a buddy system with law students in higher years to help me through what was a very difficult first year."
"The online homework/worksheet submitting site 'vital' could be made easier to use."
"There's an overpowering drinking culture in most social aspects of the university."
"Not enough books are kept in the library as paper copies."
"The requirements are quite high here."
"There could be more extracurricular activities relating to the course."
"The student services are lacking."
"Our world-ranking reputation should be higher."


"There could be a wider variety of catering options on campus."
"The campus is huge and I still can't get used to moving from one building to another to change classes."
"There are not enough computer spaces available, especially during the busier times during term."
"It can take quite a while to receive feedback and it could be more detailed. I think more socials could be organised for people not in a society, such as a freshers ball. The student union is not cheap."
"The university gym is too expensive."
"You sometimes can't find space in the library."
"The city can be noisy, which I'm not used to being from a very rural area. I've found this can make sleep difficult."
"There are some older buildings that need updating."
"Space is limited in the library."
"Some of the after-class support for some modules is not the best."

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