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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are plenty of clubs and societies to join at the university and, if they don't have the club you want, you can set one up."
"There are numerous societies at Liverpool, from skiing and bee keeping to karate and sign language."
"There are lots of sports clubs ranging from your typical rugby, football and netball etc to water sports (windsurfing, rowing etc), mountaineering, archery and martial arts. All of them are very active and most are welcoming to all abilities. There are also a wide range of societies, from course-specific societies to quidditch, modern cultures and poker. If you have an interest, there is undoubtedly a society for it."
"We have various societies such as sky diving and boxing societies, which are quite different from others. The University of Liverpool also has its own Enactus society."
"There's a friendly atmosphere and a nice gym that one can join quite close to the school."
"There are plenty of societies that students can join, from music, film and sport to more specific course-related ones. The University of Liverpool has its own sports centre and you can join any sport you want."
"There's a gym with a swimming pool and classes on."
"There is a friendly social environment as well as a range of sports to partake in from cheerleading to trampolining. There is something for everyone. People from all societies get together during AU nights, which are also quite fun."


"The sports and societies range widely with many different things to do so that all interests are represented."
"Check out the 'give it a go' page regularly as there are loads of new things you would never have heard of otherwise to enjoy and try. There are also a wide variety of societies available to join to make new friends and enhance your skills."
"There are university teams as well as a less competitive campus league, which is great. There are loads of societies to sign up for that all have a good sense of community."
"The environment is clean and staff are always ready to help. There are many societies to choose from and the sports centre, gym equipment and swimming pools are all new. The student bodies, such as the Guild, are there to provide help to students."
"The social environment at the university is very relaxed. There are plenty of social spaces where you can eat, relax, chat and study. The gym offers many classes to students and they come included with membership. As for societies, our university has hundreds and we often collaborate with other universities close to ours, which gives you the chance to meet new people and participate in their events."
"There are a lot of sports clubs to take part in from football to trampolining and cheerleading."
"There are a lot of student societies at UoL. They are very active and offer and bunch of activities for students. During my stay at Liverpool, I have been to many societies and met some amazing people. Societies here include skydiving, Afro Caribbean Society and the Sikh Society etc."
"There's a massive variety of sports clubs and teams. The freshers fair showcases the clubs and societies you can join. You're spoilt for choice at this uni."
"The university pretty much has a society for everything and, if they don't, you can start one up if you gain enough interest with it among peers. There are societies relating to every degree course in the university where students can develop their knowledge of their courses and have the chance to speak with more senior students and gain valuable tips and pointers."
"The societies form the main social life outside of the nightlife. There are so many, a huge variety and it's really easy to set up a society if one doesn't exist. A lot of societies do see the social aspect as essential though, so if you're not into that you might feel a bit left out of some groups."

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