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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There were lots of potential employers during the welcome fair and there are websites that specialise in graduate jobs."
"The careers service here is impeccable. Not only does it hold fairs and talks but it also has a hub on campus that is open all week."
"There is a careers service that sends me emails about vacancies in my field if I'm interested. They will help you with your CV and even conduct a practice interview if you ask."
"The university tries to help us to find a job a lot. It has a separate careers centre but Liverpool in general does not offer that many job opportunities, at least for my programme."
"The university offers many professional networking events but it is up to students to participate in them. These offer general insights into how to secure jobs with businesses/firms. However, more could be done with actually teaching students how to draft applications as the current service is lacklustre and the advice it provides is very generic."
"The careers service sends us emails monthly to encourage us to go talk to them. The university offers loads of placement opportunities. I have done two placements at the university and had two external placements as well."


"The careers service offers a lot of really good services and opportunities to research jobs both course specific and otherwise. Their individual meetings are really useful and they always want to help, you just have to ask."
"I receive constant emails with opportunities to meet employers and have an employability officer with whom I can talk about future prospects and my CV."
"There's careers help as part of one of my modules, which is good. This includes peer reviews of CVs and access to lots of different careers seminars and talks. The careers service is very accessible and the library offers help with CVs and academic skills."
"The university's careers and employability services is very helpful in providing insights when applying for jobs. They help with CVs and preparing for assessment centres etc. The university organises regular fairs where most of the reputed companies come to offer their graduate/internship programmes. There is a great alumni network at Liverpool and they are growing every year. They have a strong social media presence also."
"The careers service is really good, the course offers loads of transferable skills and the placement is an excellent opportunity to spend two weeks to explore what you want to do. I feel there should be more volunteer opportunities and, if there are some, then for them to be better advertised to help people engage in more opportunities."
"The careers and employability service at university is helpful, they offer a range of services from mock interviews to CV making. This service sends out emails often informing us about what's going on and what we can do. There have been business fairs where businesses have come in and spoken to us about potential opportunities in the future."
"I wish there were more fairs and opportunities to meet employers at the university, a module on jobs would also be a very welcome addition. It would be useful to learn skills such as how to write a scientific CV, general work practice and the like."
"They put on several talks and are linked with local firms, which has been helpful."
"There are always chances to have mock interviews and improve your CV. There are also career fairs and fairs for your particular course."
"The support is definitely there, there are on-campus recruitment activities for physical sciences all of the time."

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