University of Lincoln


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The university library is open 24/7 and has an order policy where, if there is a book that the library doesn't have, they will order it for you. The lecturers are really friendly and will always help even if you visit them outside of their office hours."
"The location of the university is great as it's a campus but is located right next to the city so it's only a five-minute walk to the town. The location also means that, if you choose to move into a house in your second or third year, you will still be in walking distance to the city and the university. The university also has a really friendly atmosphere and is very relaxed and accommodating to everyone."
"The nightlife and sports teams."
"The location makes it easy to get to and there's supportive staff."
"Fantastic location in a small city that's completely student orientated and on a very modern campus. We're rising consistently in rankings and have a good students' union."
"It's lovely with a small campus and a good social life."
"It's an improving university with a good quality of teaching and modules."
"Everything is convenient on campus and everything's usually pretty accessible."
"The city is amazing! It's not too big and everything is right in the centre."

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