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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The campus is brilliant. Everything is within a 20-minute walk of everything else. The high street is literally 10 minutes away from the main admin building."
"The location is great. The student accommodation is good as there is plenty so you don't have to live in a house if you don't want to in your second and third years. The facilities are okay and the university tries to accommodate everything but, because it's a small university, it doesn't have everything that larger universities can provide. For instance, sports matches don't take place on campus so, even for home games and for training, you have to get a coach or a taxi. This makes it less convenient and adds to the cost."
"It's a great city with a fantastic nightlife and accommodation options for students. It can be difficult to get to via train however."
"It's a very good location. Student accommodation is close to the campus."
"Everything in Lincoln is within a 10-minute walking distance as it's a tiny city, which makes it perfect for a student as you never need to use buses or trains. The high street is just a street away from the university and the campus is next to the very scenic Brayford. My accommodation is opposite the university, with the other major accommodations being very close by as well. It is a very beautiful city."
"The location is great as everything is within walking distance. The campus is clean and modern and growing and improving year on year. The library has many computers you can use and is a great 24-hour facility. Student accommodation is nearby and of a good price."
"We're right in the middle of town and it's a brilliant location as everything you need is on your doorstop. The Junxion is the best place to live for student accommodation, however it is expensive."
"It's very good. We're close to everything and it's easy to get around. We're in a beautiful city with great student accommodation."
"All locations are very close to the university, which is great. However, the majority of accommodation is very expensive."
"The location makes everything accessible and easy to get to so I really enjoy this fact. The campus facilities are good, though I would like to see some improvements for the social science area facility-wise. This only seems fair since I see so many good things happening for other sections of the uni."
"You're never more than a 15-minute walk from anything. The campus is really well looked after and kept up to date. The library is extremely well managed and welcoming, making you actually want to do your uni work!"

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