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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The campus isn't that big so all the facilities are close together. The professors are all really nice and helpful and it's easy to talk to them and ask for help. The facilities are quite nice, especially the library."
"There's great teaching and the tutors are very friendly and willing to talk and help if you ask. The campus is all together, not spread across town, so I don’t have to walk too far to get anywhere. The campus is in the centre of town so it’s really close to everything I need."
"The friendliness and helpfulness of the staff and students; the facilities and services offered at the university and the location of the university being close to the town centre and other local necessities."
"I am able to study contemporary history and so study a variety of history and politics modules that are engaging. The library also provides a lot of access to online journals and books, so I don't have to buy as many."
"Classes are very well planned and the staff in Law School are helpful. The university has got most facilities required."
"All the professors are funny and chill with an open-door policy in case you struggle with any concepts or just uni life in general."
"The careers support and advice are great and I like the city location. The uni is multicultural and diverse as well as being supportive of entrepreneurship."
"The university is close to the centre of town. I like that it is all together in the one place, not scattered all over. There are plenty of places to eat on campus that are really nice. It's lively and there are plenty of things to do. I really like my accommodation as it's close to uni as well as town and shops. The accommodation services organise lots of great events during term time."
"Lectures are put online through Panopto and we have very small tutorial groups, sometimes only five to eight people."
"The high quality of teaching, the friendly atmosphere and the wide variety of sports and societies available."


"Leicester is a multicultural city with lots to do, and our campus is very easy to get around as it isn't too big."
"Supportive academic department, brilliant student welfare team, fantastic range of clubs/societies."
"Tutors are very helpful and quick in answering our queries, as are the distance learning team. The entire staff at the University of Leicester are very helpful and considerate in times of difficulties."
"Tutors are very passionate about their work and go the extra mile in helping us."
"All my lectures are recorded, even if I miss uni I can listen to the recordings as much as I need when at home."
"High levels of teaching and very good reputation. Good field trips and fantastic societies."
"The university offers a brilliant social scene, especially as the Leicester O2 academy is situated on campus. This venue and tons of others in Leicester hold regular student nights with really good drink prices. I also received two scholarships upon being granted my place at the university. One of them is for hitting good grades during level three and reduces my tuition fee, the other is a lump sum per year based on my household income. As I study law, it's great knowing Leicester have one of the UK's leading law schools, with excellent tutors and academic support available. Student accommodation in Oadby student village is also amazing – it puts most first year students together and the residential teams put loads of events on weekly throughout the year, so there are a bunch of things to get involved in as well as some top study facilities. Leicester is one of the top unis for research and discovery as well, which is really well reflected in the teaching and events held at the university."
"It's ideally located for travel to London and around the UK. 24 hour university library. Small campus so very easy to familiarise yourself with it and very easy to make friends. Very good social life as the city is very lively. O2 academy on campus makes for good nights out and attracts big music artists."
"The diversity of the students attending. I have made long term contacts with people from all over the world."
"The staff want you to do well and offer all the help you need to do so. The small campus means you can never get from one lecture to the next without bumping into someone you know. 'Let's Disko' at the students union is always a great night out."

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