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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are very few student pubs and, while the clubs are good, there aren't many of them. There are a couple of events but, other than that, there's not much else to do."
"There are many student nights that go on every week. Some are set up by the university while others will just be a normal student night for both DMU and UoL students. In terms of restaurants, they close quite early compared to those in London."
"There are varied pubs and clubs in and around Leicester. The university has the 02 Academy that acts as the students' union for the university and holds varied events for most nights. However, it doesn't offer much for a Saturday night."
"The nightlife is okay but I haven't found any particularly great clubs and there is not really a student-friendly pub on Queens Road, which is where most student accommodation is situated."
"There are a few clubs but not many. The bars are nice and there's a variety of pubs for both students and locals."
"There's a range of clubs, pubs and bars available along with more unusual activities such as escape rooms."
"There is a diverse range of clubs in Leicester so everyone can find what they like. We also have very good student nights in the Leicester 02. Shebang is one of the favourites."
"There are lots of pubs in Leicester but only one close to student accommodation. There is a nice range of clubs including the university one but I'm not aware of many other activities to get involved in."


"Pubs, bars, many different clubs to choose from. Fancy places to eat for a wonderful dinner. Cinema, the mall is open till late on student discount nights. Bowling, paintball and pretty much everything you can think of that any other town would have to offer."
"Many smaller clubs and three big ones: Republic, 02 and Venom. The best being Mosh, which is a slightly smaller one."
"Small, niche bars with a variety of atmospheres for everyone. Clubs aren't as good compared to other cities but overall, Leicester is better for its bar and comedy scene."
"The promotions team who work with the SU also organise events in the city centre, with loads of bars and nightclubs holding student or normal events all week. There are lots of bar crawls and socials in the city throughout the year which is good for socialising outside of university and getting to know coursemates or students from other universities."
"Various clubs and bars, bowling, casino and niche shops. Fruit and vegetable market in the centre also."
"Republic: large club in town but only cheap on Mondays, can sometimes be quiet. Mosh: great for alternative music, very cheap. Candy's/XY: club open some Thursdays and weekends, standard pricing except on student nights. Overground Sessions: DnB. Basement: open later, often go to after Mosh or Overground."
"Festivals for Diwali, Christmas lights etc, two cinemas, a theatre, the comedy month in February, a few decent clubs and bars, botanical gardens."
"Several clubs that open until 4.00 am."
"Mosh – alternative nightclub with three floors, always busy. Club Republic is popular for those who enjoy RnB. Specific nights for groups of people eg Indian nights at clubs. Other clubs but not experienced those."
"Absolutely loads! Bars, nightclubs, shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, the space centre, the botanical garden, parks, gyms, the rugby and football stadium."

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