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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
7.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Student accommodation is inconveniently located as the main one is way too far from the university and requires bus travel. The bus pass is very expensive."
"The campus is quite a distance from the student accommodation and, although there is a bus service between the two, the demand is sometimes higher than the capacity of the bus, which can lead to early lectures being missed. However, the student accommodation is located in a safe, quiet area and has a nice 'village' feel to it, which makes it a nice place to live overall. There is a shopping centre and many places to eat and the campus has its own O2 academy where student nights are held."
"The uni is located about a 25 minute walk from the city centre and is surrounded by loads of places to eat, namely on London Road and Queens Road. Buses run every 10 minutes from first-year halls to campus which is incredibly convenient and makes travelling extremely easy."
"The location of the university is quite far from the station, coach station and town so it's not the greatest location. However, the campus and facilities are amazing so that makes up for it. The student accommodation is hit and miss. Some are good while I would avoid others such as Oadby, which is actually very far from the university. I would say Leicester is better for its private accommodation. Most places close quite early in Leicester. There are cinemas, a number of restaurants, fun fairs in summer, gyms and popular club nights both on campus and in the town centre."
"Leicester is a wonderful city. It has recently had a lot of work done to it and that has made it even nicer. The city centre has many shops and ofcourse there are the Leicester Tigers (the rugby team) and the Foxes (the football team). The library at school is amazing. It is a great place to go to study and do work. The accommodation is way too pricey for what it is and Oadby is an absolute trek from the school (you have to take the bus). What's the point of living in school accommodation if it takes you ages to get to school?"
"The location of the university is pretty good as it's approximately 15 minutes away from the city centre and extremely convenient for students living in the city accommodation. There isn't much to do in the day though and the gym on campus is ridiculously small considering the number of people who go. It would be perfect if the school could expand the gym."
"The gym membership is very expensive. The location of the university is great for access to town and things to do. I like my accommodation and there is a wide range of choice in halls."
"The location is alright for local student homes close to campus. The campus is relatively close-knit so that is a benefit but the local transportation can be costly over time and the facilities are good but expensive."
"It's a good location and most of the classes are close to each other. The gym and library have everything you need."
"The location is close to restaurants on Queens Road, which is behind the university, and London Road, and the town centre is about a 20-minute walk or 10-minute bus ride away. The campus is regenerating to be more accessible and allow more stalls during events. There is a large students' union with many societies and groups."


"The uni is very close to the city centre, which has an extensive range of shops. The campus itself is greatly stocked: great architectural library (open 24/5), great newly refurbished student union, several food places, sports centre, all within the campus."
"Great city, has everything you need but is very small and friendly. Campus is also small but with all the facilities you need – I feel very comfortable and at home here. The accommodation in first year tends to be in halls, which are located in Oadby student village. This is great to get in to the swing of uni, then afterwards, you tend to move in to rented student housing – the prices are very cheap compared to other cities. Very satisfied."
"Small city, which is good as everything is in one place. The campus is amazing too as all buildings are next to each other so short walking distances. I did not like student accommodation much because it was far from the university, which meant that I had to get the bus to uni costing me £130 season pass every term. Also, I was catered so I didn't have a cooker in my halls, just a microwave which meant I couldn't cook."
"The campus is a 15 minute walk into the city centre which is very convenient. The student accommodation is a 20 minute bus journey away from campus (and city centre) but I liked this because it separated home from work. However, they also have accommodation a five minute walk away so you have the choice of both, which is great. The library is huge and has everything there that you could possibly need to get your degree. The campus is also quite compact which I think is great because so many other universities have huge campuses which make it a nightmare getting from one place to the other."
"The student accommodation is lovely and the fact that almost all first year students live in the same area gives it a really good feel. It is also a really great way to meet new people. The campus itself is also really well set out. There is only one campus, which is perfect as it means I do not have to travel around town."
"City location, which is good. Nice and easily navigable campus. Good library but could do with more seats. Good SU and lots of places to eat. Wide range of accommodation to suit everyone but more information should be provided on each option."
"Leicester is centrally connected, has good links with London and close to home in the South. Campus is adjacent to a big park so lots of green open space, though the design of the campus itself is a bit of an odd mix of styles. Facilities are adequate for my use, though I avoid the shops as they are tremendously expensive and desperately need to be subsidised for students. Accommodation is good with a wide range of prices and most are fairly cheap."
"The city of Leicester is very nice, and diverse! The campus has both modern and classical architecture, which is nice. The student accommodation is very good. I am at the cheapest accommodation and it is still good."
"The town is a short walk away, as is the train station, which puts the university in a nice position as it is not in the middle of town but very close to it. The accommodation is great, especially in first year, there is a lot of choice and everyone is close together. As for the campus, it is all together which makes it easy to go to lectures throughout the day. The buildings are also generally very new (especially the law building)."
"The campus is in a very convenient location, however the student accommodation isn't. The accommodation is quite a distance from the town centre and the 'closest' supermarket. Facilities at the university are good, but some of the accommodation facilities are not that great. Some accommodation needs to be updated or completely re-done. Additionally, as Leicester has two universities, I'm surprised that a lot of shops close at 11.00 pm (apart from those in the town centre), which can be inconvenient at times."

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