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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Being from a working class background, the university has made attempts to help us with its 'OnTrack' programme aimed to help students get into the workforce with extra support, something that has helped me."
"Although the students and the city's population are very diverse and tolerant, I think the university could do more to attract students from other countries. For example, organising more cultural events (like the Chinese New Year) would be good. There are lots of Muslim, Indian and Asian students here and it would be nice if the uni could organise something for them. Not to mention there are no cultural events for European students either."
"I think Leicester is quite a diverse area so there is diversity in the students. I think that some departments may not have the same level of diversity due to subject preferences though."
"I think my university does a good job of attracting students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Student support services could be better, though."
"There are grants for students from poorer backgrounds, but that's about it."
"I think my university does a lot to attract a range of students because it widely supports and celebrates events for different cultures and supports students with language difficulties."


"My uni is very diverse and there are many international students as well as students of many different backgrounds, cultures, races and religions which the uni caters for. I recently noticed that my uni has a mosque for the Muslim students at the uni."
"It does. Sends out informative surveys to question students about their culture needs and whether there have been any problems etc."
"Yes, I believe it does, and through schemes such as 'Widening Participation' it is on the front foot."
"In comparison to other highly ranking universities it's really inclusive. I'm from a low income family background and the first in my family to go into any sort of higher education. I haven't once felt out of place at University of Leicester."
"I've never been to a place so diverse in my life. To put this into perspective: in my first year I lived in Halls with 19 other people (20 of us all together) and 4 of us were from the UK; everyone else was from India, Russia, Thailand, France, Finland, Nigeria, Denmark and more. It's amazing how many different people you meet, I absolutely love this aspect of Leicester."
"There are hundreds of societies to join and a lot of them are background focused so there is definitely something for everyone based on their individuality. Then there are also hobby, interest, sport and academic based societies, so I would say the university does quite a lot to cater for everyone. This is important as Leicester is now the most multi-cultural city in the UK outside of London, which is definitely reflected in the university."
"Yes, but there is a need to advertise more about their activities."
"Yes, lots of religious and country-based societies eg Christian Union, Asian Dance Soc, Nordic Society. There's also an active LGBT+ society, something for essentially everyone."
"It does so much, it is a very multicultural city and the university just exemplifies this even more with events such as Diwali and much more."
"I think they do. All the advertisements feature all different races, and that I feel is very representative of the university."

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