University of Leicester


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"They don't record all lectures."
"Student union nights, too expensive and it's always the same."
"Student village is a bit far from the main campus, and there often aren't enough buses during busy times."
"No printers on campus so you have to go all the way into the uni or buy your own printer to be able to print."
"Sometimes the staff aren't as helpful as they could be. Food on campus is expensive, as is the gym. There's a lack of computers in the library."
"There is never enough computer space in the library, it's always full."
"First year halls are quite far away from campus, and the bus pass is expensive."
"I am doing a joint honours degree, I've found there has been poor communication between departments in the past."
"Having to take the bus every morning from Oadby. Oadby is lovely but its too far away and many students fail to attend lectures because of this. I wish I didn't live in halls, but it hasn't been too bad."
"I'm used to living in London and Leicester is a bit small. The university is also quite small."

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