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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are many different societies available to join and they are all welcoming. Some sports societies do require you to have the university gym membership though. All societies have regular meet-ups and it's a great way to socialise."
"There's a wide range of societies and all of our sports teams win varsity every year against our rival DMU, which is always a popular event."
"The university offers a vast selection of university societies both in regard to academic groups and those for more of an enjoyable nature. The university incorporates a lot of sports into the everyday, allowing students to take part in sports club whether they are an avid sports participant or a newcomer."
"The university has clubs for almost any sport that exists, but to enter one you have to join the gym and buy a membership for the whole year, which is a bit expensive. Most societies require you to pay a small fee if you want to join them but they are really funny and a great chance to meet new people who share your interests. There are many societies for sports, singing, dancing, religions, gardening, books and many other things."
"There are events that are emailed around, such as dinners and balls, and there are clubs and societies."
"The gym is very nice. I go swimming every day and enjoy the spring hotpot. I also take part in some activities set up for international students to speak English, as they're really useful."
"We have plenty of variety in the clubs and societies on offer from baking to re-enactment to volunteering."
"The sports societies are the most active ie they do the most. Others, such as the law societies, are very limited and only have a ball once a year and one competition and not much else. This is mainly because they're underfunded."


"Societies are all interesting but you have to buy a gym membership to be allowed in, which is ridiculously over priced."
"Plenty of societies, we even have a chicken nugget appreciation society. A wide range of sports (even quidditch)."
"There seem to be a lot of sports clubs at Leicester and there are regular social events held by all societies such as games, socials, bar crawls, balls, parties, trips and day-time events. All students are included – you don't have to sign up for a membership as they're mostly ticketed but at good prices."
"There are lots of societies, both sports and social, ranging from Rugby to Quidditch, Sci Fi to Orchestra."
"Good wide range of clubs and societies including cultural ones and it's really easy to start your own society, to join any sports club you need a £200 gym membership however."
"Societies are great, except an extremely expensive gym membership must be paid to join a sports society."
"There are so many societies to chose from, many socials take place on Wednesday and end in the O2 which is easy to get to as there is a bus which takes you there."
"Wide diversity of clubs: vikings, baking, burlesque, drama, course specific clubs, nearly every conceivable sport."
"Lots of sporting societies, course societies also aplenty. Could do with more specific societies though like types of dance or other hobbies. Leicester is smaller than other unis, so it's easy to get to know everyone. Socials that end at 'Lets Disko' are usually crazy."
"There's a club for nearly every sport you can think of, from your classic football and rugby to ultimate frisbee and ballroom dancing. There's also 100s of societies to pick from, and if there isn't one that interests you, you can set one up."

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