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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are many people to help you and that you can speak to should you need advice. They normally reply to emails promptly but you can also go to see them during their office hours."
"The careers service has been extremely useful for me, it helped me gain confidence as well as helping me with tailoring my CV to various firms. A lot of employers come to campus and there are a lot of recruiters to talk to. There is a lot of good advice given in terms of getting internships. There have been speakers coming in from various large investment banks and the Big 4 accounting firms."
"The careers service gives good advice, though I feel it could be more effective. The university does run events with employers, but I think more needs to be done in terms of helping students decide what career is for them as such events are only useful for those who have already decided on firm career plans."
"There are always opportunities to meet and communicate with employers. The university offers a fair in which employers come to the campus itself, allowing students to present themselves in order to be hired for a summer internship or even to make connections for a job in the future. The university is also in contact with TARGETjobs, who send out constant emails with any job vacancies, which is very helpful."
"I have signed up for the careers service and get emails with jobs. There are also graduate workshops that give advice on preparing for life after uni and my department sends a weekly email with jobs related to my field of study. I think there could be more by way of offering work experience or assisting with networking, especially for distance learners."
"I've had a lot of support from the careers service when doing the Leicester award programmes. Careers events are really good as you get to meet with employers and discuss things or get answers to any questions you might have. There are lots of volunteering opportunities as well as some paid opportunities within and outside of uni."
"I have had a lot of support from the careers service including improving my CV and cover letters, which has really improved my job prospects. I am only in my first year so I'm yet to see employers on campus but I'm aware that this takes place. I have the option of a placement year on my course and there are lots of opportunities to get involved with work experience."
"Plenty of employers come for career days and there are non-stop emails about employment opportunities."


"Our career development service does everything possible to expose us to the world of work. They have seminars and career fairs with all the big companies, as well as visits from PwC and KPMG. They arrange alumni talks from previous graduates and activity exercises with CIMA and many companies."
"There is a course that you can apply for called 'Leicester Award'. It supports you to find information about a job, and to get to know how good you are with the skills that are required from employees."
"Wide range of fairs for careers and postgraduate study. Lots of information provided about funding and job sectors including internships, work experience, and year abroad study."
"The careers services here in Leicester are excellent. If you subscribe, you'll probably get 2 – 3 emails per day telling you about the jobs and meetings of the week!"
"The career development service organises many workshops, but they are mainly focused on technical/scientific/law career outcomes. Less consideration is given to the language/creative fields."
"The careers service provided has been really good so far, but as it is still first year, information and events provided have focused on career paths rather than job preparation (which will start properly next year). I think it's good they do it this way, as it helps to clarify at your own pace which route you want to take before jumping into preparing for/finding a job. It seems to be a good balance of a 'no pressure' attitude and encouragement to explore career paths and opportunities for placements."
"There have been career lectures, opportunities to meet with employers in areas linked to English (publishing, journalism, teaching) and there is a lot of support from the career development service."
"They put on workshops, but they need to be advertised a bit more as I only became aware of these recently."
"Careers service provide support for every part of the application processes from CV, to telephone interview, to psychometric test. They also organise 'festival of careers' where they invite employers from different fields in to talk to us and promote their career schemes. This is in addition to calling in employers throughout the year."
"They offer many services: CV appointments, mock interviews, mock assessment centres. Attract many big employers too such as PwC, Barclays, Mazars, Deutsche Bank etc (I only remember finance related employers because of my course)."

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