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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"There are amazing facilities for sports, societies and libraries. There's so much to do and it's very lively with nice people."
"You get to experience both campus and city life and pretty much everything is within walking distance of everything else. I love being in the north and surrounded by the beautiful countryside among the impressive buildings of the city. My uni offers engaging experiences that are extremely valuable to my educational development."
"The facilities, the city itself and all the different societies."
"The lecturers are very professional, inspiring and enthusiastic. The campus is beautiful and the law school and libraries are great too."
"We have a very responsive administration with engaging and inspiring professors. Our facilities, for both studying and extracurricular activities, are excellent overall."
"The students' union, the inclusiveness and the diversity."
"Mine is an interesting course and the general feel of the university is brilliant. There's a good students' union with lots of activities to get involved in."
"There are loads of academic resources available in the library, online and at the school department."


"My course is well funded with research-lead teaching and it is academically challenging with very good careers support. It's a fantastic student city that's affordable with a good nightlife and great music scene."
"The campus is great and the modules are really interesting. Also, the university union is really good and I always feel safe walking around campus."
"The campus is safe and easy to get around. It's right next to the city so is great for shops and nightlife. The uni has a good status and offers many extra opportunities such as trips abroad."
"The nightlife is great. Teachers are all very enthusiastic about the courses and libraries are brilliant."
"The social life is great. There's always lots of extra help around when you need it as well as plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community or widen your horizons."
"The fact that the campus is basically in town and how great the student union is."
"The social life and welcoming feel of the university. The lecturers are competent and interested in their fields."
"The active and fun students' union with a huge variety of clubs and societies."
"The union and being part of an internationally acclaimed university."
"Excellent staff support and an amazing nightlife. We have a huge amount of societies and there's a great sense of community as well as a huge range of courses."

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