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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The teaching quality is great and I'm absolutely satisfied with my training. My supervisions are always thought-provoking, workshops are well organised and modules are fascinating. I like that there is a lot of material available to use online and in the libraries. The students' union is also very active and keeps you involved throughout the year."
"The facilities here are of a high standard. The Leeds nightlife is one of the best in the UK and there are lots of clubs and societies to choose from."
"The diversity of people I have met, the community spirit, the give-it-a-go society taster sessions and the building facilities."
"The staff offer great support for the students. The module selection is wonderful and very diverse and you have the options to tailor your degree to suit you. The university also has a wonderful students' union and a great university spirit on campus."
"The support on offer at the University of Leeds is unparalleled. I have spoken to students at other universities and even they are impressed by the support services! Furthermore, the lecturers and tutors are passionate about their subjects and every academic session has one defining feature that makes it memorable. Finally, the library services are great. There is a total of four libraries and, just like the campus in general, all buildings hold character. Some buildings were built in 1936 and some last year. Each library has a wealth of information including the online library and the Special Collections section. There is something there for everyone."
"The lecturers are interesting and engaging and many of them upload plenty of additional resources to the virtual learning environment (VLE) to assist with learning. The lab sessions provide an opportunity for me to apply knowledge and consolidate my understanding of lecture material."
"The location, teaching facilities and the fact that Leeds is a high-quality research university."
"The nightlife is amazing and the social events that the societies do are brilliant."
"Money is being spent on new developments and refurbishments. We have a world-class academic staff and all buildings are on one central campus."
"There is a good balance between academic, social and work commitments here. The University of Leeds is a good university, but not so high up in the league table that you become a slave to your studies. There is still time to socialise, join societies and work in the holidays etc. I think this is important for your wellbeing. There are so many opportunities here to go abroad for a year, attend summer schools abroad, gain work experience and go to talks and fairs."


"My course is well funded with research-lead teaching and it is academically challenging with very good careers support. It's a fantastic student city that's affordable with a good nightlife and great music scene."
"The campus is great and the modules are really interesting. Also, the university union is really good and I always feel safe walking around campus."
"The campus is safe and easy to get around. It's right next to the city so is great for shops and nightlife. The uni has a good status and offers many extra opportunities such as trips abroad."
"The nightlife is great. Teachers are all very enthusiastic about the courses and libraries are brilliant."
"The social life is great. There's always lots of extra help around when you need it as well as plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community or widen your horizons."
"The fact that the campus is basically in town and how great the student union is."
"The social life and welcoming feel of the university. The lecturers are competent and interested in their fields."
"The active and fun students' union with a huge variety of clubs and societies."
"The union and being part of an internationally acclaimed university."
"Excellent staff support and an amazing nightlife. We have a huge amount of societies and there's a great sense of community as well as a huge range of courses."

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