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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
8.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There is something for everyone including a great music scene and club nights every night of the week all over Leeds with different music vibes. There are plenty of music venues, old-fashioned cinemas and theatres. There's also lots of great countryside that's very easy to get to."
"There are lots of places to go out to and loads of amazing restaurants and bars if you are looking for more of a chilled night out."
"A lot of bars and clubs. There's a good night for each club on each day of the week."
"There are a lot of different clubs to go to as well as other things such as bowling, museums, cafes, theatre and the cinema."
"All music tastes are catered for. There is also a large global street food culture and a multitude of activities provided by the uni and external companies."
"You could go out every night if you wanted to, there are so many clubs and bars. At the weekends, Canal Mills and Beaver Works normally provide the decent nights out. There's a huge variety of shops as well as art galleries, museums and coffee shops."
"There are events for every music taste as well as many art and culture events."
"There is a strip of bars called Call Lane in the city centre as well as all the pubs down Otley Road that form the Otley run. There are also loads of different clubs, bars and restaurants dotted all over town. There's even late-night bowling and a cinema that you can take proper food (eg pizza) and alcoholic drink into."
"Loads and loads of club nights, it's mostly mainstream stuff and fairly cheap. There are also a couple of museums and shops but not much else that's family friendly and alcohol free."
"We have lots of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants. There's a massive variety in terms of quality and price."

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