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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The campus is beautiful and very close to the city centre. The accommodation is excellent with friendly staff and beautiful rooms. There is always something interesting to do in your free time and the nightlife is the best thing a student could wish for."
"Some accommodation (Liberty Dock) is absolutely miles from anything. Leeds is always busy during the day so there are many shops and restaurants. The nightlife is great too!"
"Leeds is a great student city. There's always something to do but not a lot of non-drinking options. We have great facilities at the uni but the accommodation is expensive."
"The facilities are fantastic in terms of computer hubs and libraries, with plenty of quiet study space. There are plenty of cafés and there is a fantastic refectory with all sorts of different types of food to order. There are always street stalls too. There are fabulous gym facilities with swimming pools and plenty to do in the way of walks, trips to rugby matches, tickets to the theatre and so much more."
"The location is very central to the city centre so it's very convenient and has many cafés and shops nearby. The lack of seats available in libraries and social spaces is sometimes an issue."
"I knew I didn't want to live in London and find Leeds the perfect location with a train station and airport nearby. The gym is great and so are the library facilities."
"It's a fantastic location as you can walk into the city centre easily and also get good access to the Yorkshire Dales and other places. The students' union is new and has great facilities. The libraries are modern and academic teaching facilities are good. There is everything you would need in Leeds and lots to do with something suiting everyone."
"We're in an amazing location just a short walk away from the busy city centre of Leeds and there are always lots of things going on. There's a lovely close campus environment that's basically in the centre of a big city. We have a lovely students' union with lots of food choices and areas to sit."


"It's a campus university so it's easy to get around. However, it's right by the city centre so it's not entirely in a student bubble. Most accommodation is within walking distance of the university and city centre."
"The location is excellent and the campus and facilities are good. Student residences can be rather basic in the first year though and renting with agencies later can often come with problems."
"The university is in a great location, situated right by the city and Hyde Park. It's only a 15-minute walk into the city."
"The university and its facilities are in a prime city centre location. However, my halls of residence are a 40-minute walk from campus, which is an inconvenience. Many believe a bus pass should be included in the rent."
"The university is very central and beautiful (when not covered in scaffolding) and accommodation is, for the most part, nice but expensive. The city itself is my favourite part of the experience as it has such a variety of culture."
"The campus is on the outskirts of the city centre so it's only about a 10-minute walk into town. All the facilities are on campus and the gym and libraries are all really good. There is a wide range of student accommodation that can suit everyone's price ranges and preferences."
"The university itself is situated in a good area close to the city centre, which makes going into town very handy. I also like the proximity of the student housing area to the campus. The campus itself has a lot of good facilities but I'd like it if more of them were more accessible to everyone, particularly in terms of cost."
"The college location is near to the city centre. However, a lot self-catered accommodations are located in the countryside and that can be inconvenient."
"The university student accommodation is highly priced but of an excellent standard (I do think there should be cheaper accommodation available). Facilities on campus are excellent and Leeds is a brilliant city with plenty to do and is very accommodating for students."
"It's a campus uni that touches the city centre. It has incredible facilities and a great student union that's used by all students. There are good and new libraries as well as an amazing new gym complex. The accommodation varies but my halls were like a hotel."

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