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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
9.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university is only a short walk from the city centre. The university campus is big and has great facilities, including three libraries and a gym. The student accommodation varies but, on the whole, they have everything you need and the accommodation offices are very helpful if you have any problems. Leeds has several shopping centres to explore during the day and plenty of student pubs and bars."
"The university is in walking distance from Leeds city centre and campus accommodation is very nice. The gym is excellently equipped (if a little pricey) but discounts for sports teams are provided. There are hundreds of societies providing countless activities to involve yourself in daily."
"The uni is made up of one campus, which has everything on offer but is within walking distance of the city and student housing. There are lots of parks to visit in the summer and we're also very close to the countryside if you have a bike or car. There are lots of things to do in the city such as museums and shopping."
"The university is in a brilliant location close to a big town centre with rural areas on the outskirts and a bustling student population. The campus is full of different facilities and services, gyms, cafeterias, bars, nightclubs and several libraries that are individually tailored for different subjects. The student accommodation is also very good, fully equipped and offers different facilities such as, bars, gyms and music rooms etc."
"The architecture of the campus has character and all buildings, from ones built almost a century ago to the ones made last year, have great facilities and comfortable seating areas. There are places to eat very close to the university and many places in the students' union, which has been commended by students for years because of the features. The main town is about a 15-minute walk from campus but, once you get there, the centre and walking street have great shopping places."
"The location is great. Transport is cheap for students as a bus from the city to Headingley is £1 and there's Uber transport everywhere. There are three large libraries (one is an old, vintage library while the other two are modern and fairly new) so there's never a shortage in seats except during exam season. There is also a café in all of the libraries. The union is the best place to hang out as everything you need is in there. It's a good place to study or socialise while eating food. There is always something going on inside the union such as a part-time job fair, society events or company promotions where you can get freebies, which is why it is always worth popping in and checking out the events. With student accommodation, you get what you pay for. The university tries to decrease prices as much as they can and you should apply early or you won't get a place."
"Roger Stevens is terrible: it's an eyesore and has an amazing ability to either be as cold as ice or as hot as the ninth circle of hell. Other Faculty of Biological Sciences buildings are modern and well furnished. The labs all have a good variety of modern equipment and there is lots offered by the university and the union to improve students' time on campus. On the whole uni accommodation is brilliant but there is clearly a massive shortage. Leeds is an active and bustling city with everything you could hope to have within walking distance."
"Leeds is a campus university so the city centre is a short walk away and is an excellent city to live in as a student. Campus has a lovely atmosphere and everything is in one place, which is helpful. The facilities are excellent: we have four libraries, a large gym and swimming pool on campus as well as plenty of excellent places to eat and socialise. There is also a large number of student accommodation options, all of which are of a very high standard and good value for money. Leeds has a lot to do including hundreds of shops, museums, galleries, restaurants, cinemas, parks and other attractions."
"The cafeteria should, in my opinion, be far more reasonably priced as the goal should be to provide lots of meals with a small profit margin as this benefits the students of the university the most. There is plenty to be done in the day around the area of the university. It's a very lively area bustling with activity."
"The Edge, which is my university's gym, is the nicest gym I have ever been to. It has a pool, a rock climbing wall, badminton, basketball, tennis and all other courts you could think of. They offer a lot of classes every week and every student in university accommodation gets a free gym membership."


"It's a campus university so it's easy to get around. However, it's right by the city centre so it's not entirely in a student bubble. Most accommodation is within walking distance of the university and city centre."
"The location is excellent and the campus and facilities are good. Student residences can be rather basic in the first year though and renting with agencies later can often come with problems."
"The university is in a great location, situated right by the city and Hyde Park. It's only a 15-minute walk into the city."
"The university and its facilities are in a prime city centre location. However, my halls of residence are a 40-minute walk from campus, which is an inconvenience. Many believe a bus pass should be included in the rent."
"The university is very central and beautiful (when not covered in scaffolding) and accommodation is, for the most part, nice but expensive. The city itself is my favourite part of the experience as it has such a variety of culture."
"The campus is on the outskirts of the city centre so it's only about a 10-minute walk into town. All the facilities are on campus and the gym and libraries are all really good. There is a wide range of student accommodation that can suit everyone's price ranges and preferences."
"The university itself is situated in a good area close to the city centre, which makes going into town very handy. I also like the proximity of the student housing area to the campus. The campus itself has a lot of good facilities but I'd like it if more of them were more accessible to everyone, particularly in terms of cost."
"The college location is near to the city centre. However, a lot self-catered accommodations are located in the countryside and that can be inconvenient."
"The university student accommodation is highly priced but of an excellent standard (I do think there should be cheaper accommodation available). Facilities on campus are excellent and Leeds is a brilliant city with plenty to do and is very accommodating for students."
"It's a campus uni that touches the city centre. It has incredible facilities and a great student union that's used by all students. There are good and new libraries as well as an amazing new gym complex. The accommodation varies but my halls were like a hotel."

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