University of Leeds


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"It can get overcrowded in the libraries, computer clusters, gym and canteen etc."
"Some feedback has been late (once mine was three months late) and food at the refectory is expensive and bad."
"The halls of residence are becoming a little too expensive and most student loans don't cover the cost, which leads to a financial burden being placed on both the student and their parents."
"The libraries have all been redone but are still not up to scratch for a top UK university. Little things about it just feel a tad unorganised at times."
"Some of the university organisation (eg marks come back late, things getting postponed and cancelled etc) and professor input."
"The gym membership is expensive if you don't already get it free by living in university accommodation. Sometimes timetables are poor because of huge gaps in between lectures. Most lecturers are great from my experience but there's a few that are not good at teaching the modules."
"The campus gets really busy (especially library space) during the exam periods."
"I've had little face-to-face contact with staff."
"The lack of sports pitches on or near campus."
"It's a large campus and feels too stretched out."


"Leeds is a small town and there aren't enough jobs for students here."
"Deadline management could be improved to avoid peak times."
"There aren't many healthy food option choices at the union."
"There aren't many places for sight-seeing in the area."
"Sometimes finding housing in upper years can be difficult as the quality of areas can differ greatly."
"It's often quite busy in the libraries and cafes etc."
"As a joint honours student I feel there are frequent clashes with timetables and limited options for study choices."
"Societies are treated in a hierarchy (sports are higher than cultural societies, for example) and allocated funding, attention and support as such. The gym on campus is very expensive and lecturers in smaller departments are not as well supported as in larger departments."
"The workload is very high. There isn't always time to recap your work as much as you'd like."
"There's not enough academic contact time in every course. The university can sometimes feel too research-based rather than student-orientated."

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