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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"I have applied for an internship that the university offers at the art gallery situated in the library and there are many opportunities provided by the university for work, for example working at the uni cafe in the student union. There are many placements offered abroad, in Leeds and in other areas of the UK, London for example."
"The uni offers good support and often has employment fairs where you can get in contact with companies directly. There are also emails for opportunities in industries such as internships and permanent jobs etc."
"There are a lot of career fairs, presentations and talks from employers from all around the world. The careers centre is always there to help and usually gives good advice. We even had lectures as part of our compulsory modules to prepare us for applying for and starting our first jobs."
"There is a very supportive and award-winning careers service at Leeds. There were career modules within my compulsory courses at Leeds as well as many events offered all year round by both companies and the universities. Careers after university are stressed at all points across the three years and it provides incentives for students to be proactive with their job searching."
"We have our own recruitment fairs on my course where employers come to seek Leeds students specifically."
"I have only visited the careers office but was given fantastic support and information. I receive emails weekly with internships, volunteering and job opportunities to apply for and I'm given the support to follow these up. The opportunities I receive are too numerous to mention."
"I have appointments with careers advisers and there are plenty of events such as job fairs where lots of international companies come to advertise their job opportunities. I also completed a work placement on my year abroad in Paris. The university was very good in helping me to find that."
"I have had thorough feedback on my CV and covering letter as well as plenty of useful tips."


"The university offers careers support and the school also offers its own careers centre specifically for engineering. There are regular careers fairs that give you the chance to meet employers."
"The careers centre is useful. It's helped me gain a number of jobs by helping me cater my CV for each job application."
"There's an employability team dedicated specifically to engineers. They help us to find industrial placements."
"We've had some talks from recruiters. However, this has not been organised by the school itself. I'm hoping there will be more of a focus on preparing us once we reach the second and third years."
"I've personally not used the careers service but I've been told that they are helpful in helping you with your CV and cover letters. Also, there's a lot of different opportunities to meet employers on campus and I know that there are times where practice interviews are available to people if they'd like them."
"The careers service works with our tutors and provides a mock job application and interview. They are also really helpful for checking over your CV if you're applying to placements or for a part time job."
"There are drop-in sessions for students to check their CV and covering letter, mock interviews and mock assessment centre practices. There are also optional courses that you can take to support your job seeking."
"There are a lot of career fairs and the careers centre has professional and friendly people to help us with a range of things from looking over our CV or cover letters to offering guidance on how to follow specific career paths."
"I can send in my CV and cover letter for checking before I send them out. The careers service will comment on it and offer suggestions."
"We get visitors from top employers and big corporations, often fossil fuel based companies and weapons sellers such as BAE systems. Also, some charities and organisations such as Teach First. Alumni coming in once or twice a year for talks is the only contact we have with them or their network."

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