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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The are many positive things when attending this university. The most important one is that students develop their knowledge and their critical thinking. Professors, doctors and all the teaching staff are at the top of their fields and they are also really helpful with their students. Finally, the equipment and library facilities are very new and updated. There are many events and lectures to attend that are really interesting and educative."
"The atmosphere here is great and everyone is lovely. Staff are helpful and really go the extra mile to do what they can to support you. The library is also amazing, so many thousands of resources at our fingertips."
"The campus and the other students. There is a 'buzz', so to speak, of student life. Canterbury is a lovely place, as is the campus. Some (not all) staff are very interested and, in turn, are able to inspire us about their subjects."
"The university allows me to enhance my employability by holding various careers workshops. This also allows me to interact with different people in a similar subject area."
"The relationship between students and lecturers is very good as everyone is treated as equals. The university allows for students to take extra modules alongside their course, which may be outside of their discipline. The university has many support systems for students offering assistance with well-being and accommodation requirements."
"The campus is the perfect size and the students are incredibly multinational (my closest group of friends are mostly Norwegian)."
"The flexibility of changing modules and the ability to take wild modules (for example, I do music but was able to take a music technology module). The support given to me by the university is brilliant and the careers service is a bonus as, after I graduate, they can still offer me advice."
"I like that it is a campus university as all of the facilities are in one place. It has great transport links to both London and mainland Europe, so it's a great base to travel from."
"Being taught by experts and leaders in their academic fields. Seeing the improvements that are constantly being made to update the campus facilities to suit students' needs, such as the new library development. Also, it's good to see what our money is being put into! The beautiful view of the city and cathedral from the hilltop campus! The placement/international opportunities provided."
"It's a great university with many societies situated in a beautiful city with a great nightlife."

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