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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.6 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are lots of clubs and pubs to go to eg Chemistry, Cuban, Venue, Steinbeck and Shaw. Canterbury is a historical area packed with great pubs."
"There are numerous clubs with different event nights throughout the week. We have the Venue on campus, which is a nice introductory club. There are also other clubs off of campus such as Chemistry, Cuban and Steinbeck and Shaw. There other local pubs dotted around the city that you may discover too."
"A large number of pubs are available in the town as well as on-campus bars and the on-campus nightclub. There are also many clubs in the town."
"Students prefer to go out in Canterbury or Maidstone rather than go to Medway's limited clubs, which are not clean or popular. In addition, the area is not particularly safe for students when leaving clubs so there should be more security available and police patrolling the area."
"There are many pubs on campus and in town as well as a couple of nightclubs in Canterbury and another one on campus. Regarding the activities, the students' union might do some fancy events once in a while and some societies like doing meet ups at night with some organised activities."
"The campus has around four restaurants and two pubs where students can socialise. Events for students to meet and interact are usually organised every fortnight by a student body. Schools also organise social events for their students."
"There are loads of clubs that hold socials and make it easier to interact with students from different facilities."


"In my opinion, there is a good Monday club in Chatham. The other club that's okay is in Rochester, but the nearest club to the accommodation in Gillingham town centre is terrible. However, I need to go on an hour's walk to or from the club or get a taxi."
"There are several bars in town, plus two or three other nightclubs that are a short taxi ride away. Some of the clubs even provide a free bus shuttle service."
"There are three main nightclubs in Canterbury city itself and over 20 bars. There are also many pubs and restaurants that offer student discounts and themed nights."
"There's a variety of pubs and clubs within Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Maidstone. Also, there is a Wetherspoons locally and people like to go to Casino in Rochester on Thursdays as it's a student night. There are lots of pubs around there too."
"There are a lot of night clubs and restaurants. There are two theatres, one on the campus called Gulberkian and the Marlowe theatre in town. The cathedral attracts a lot of tourists so the place is always buzzing with people."
"There are a couple of clubs and bars around. We also have good restaurants as well. You can also go to town to do some shopping or go on a tour of the town by using the canoe service."
"The Venue, Cuban, S&S, The Brewery Tavern. That's it for the good ones. Also, there are really nice restaurants to eat in. They are a bit hidden but there actually are a lot. It also has mostly everything you need in terms of shopping: New look, JD, River Island, Fenwick, Boots etc."
"Club in town, lots of shops and restaurants, cinema, gym etc."
"Two prestigious cinemas, one mainstream. Lovely boutique shops and the big ones too. Nice bars, old-fashioned pubs – chemistry is good for a night out. Restaurant variety is amazing."
"About five or six clubs that are shared between the two other universities in the area. They cater for every different type and one club has a weekly LGBT night."

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