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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The campus facilities are very modern and really nice to use. The gym is amazing, as are the new student accommodations such as Keynes and Turing."
"Situated on the top of a hill, our campus has many great views over Canterbury town. Facilities are constantly being refurbished/upgraded, which will be good for future students. Lots of choices for student accommodation, from affordable to luxury."
"Excellent, placed in the middle of nature with rabbits and foxes on campus."
"The city of Canterbury is great for students and only a small walk from campus. The campus itself is good, although a lot of building work has taken place this year. This is especially true for the library, which has affected my learning. Student accommodation is very good, although expensive."
"The location is perfect, Canterbury is always buzzing with fun when students are around. During the holidays you get to appreciate its chilled side. I love that all the university facilities are on one site; from the university shop to medical centre to club venues to the library. One could literally move in in September and never have to leave the campus grounds. It's very convenient. The security provided to the students is amazing as well."
"The University of Kent is located in Canterbury, 10 – 15 minutes by bus from the city centre. The campus has two markets, a gym, sports pavilion and banks. The accommodation (five-person houses) is pretty nice but there is also the option to live in the flats."
"The town is breathtaking. Canterbury is quite small but its size gives it a sense of intimacy. Further, it is wonderfully steeped in so much culture and history. The campus is well planned, with it not being too spread out. The facilities are fine, although some buildings and seminar rooms ought to be updated. The student accommodation is, likewise, fine."
"The location is perfect for me, outside of the city but still just a short walk away. Beautiful views from campus of the historic city of Canterbury. The facilities on campus are also good and constantly being improved, the new Templeman Library extension for example. I also like that there is a wide choice of cafes, bars, and coffee shops so I can get a caffeine boost quickly whenever I need it. I lived in Tyler Court A last year and really enjoyed the experience. It was nice and central to campus, had a study hub located downstairs and had an en-suite and all the amenities I needed. The only downside was the small and awkward kitchen space, which was difficult to share between eight people."
"My university campus is located not far away from the town centre. Every facility is located not far away from the main campus, like the library and the gym. However, the student accommodation, especially Parkwood, is at least 15 to 20 minutes off campus. This isn't great for a uni with so much space."
"Student accommodation is expensive. Student bars/clubs are good and the sports centre is good. The downside is that you have to get a sports membership to be able to train with your club, which is on top of your club membership. The engineering department has recently had an investment and the computer rooms and facilities are extremely good."

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