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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university supports people from all backgrounds and my flat of eight students is a clear representation of the diversity. The eight of us come from eight different countries and almost eight different continents."
"Kent markets itself as a European university and consequently has a very diverse student population. I have personally come across people of many different ethnicities, sexualities and countries."
"There's a wide variety of cultures at Kent Uni. There are a lot of support facilities in place to help foreign students settle in."
"The uni does a lot to attract students from diverse backgrounds with outreach initiatives stretching as far out as the Far East. Lecturers are regularly asked to go on such outreach initiatives and there is also a lot of advertising across Europe as well. The student support services are exceptional and the support officers are quite accessible and very friendly and helpful."
"The University of Kent is rated the UK's top European university owing to the immense number of international students and staff and the diversity it offers."
"I think that the university does a lot to support students from various backgrounds. The student support centre is very helpful and they are willing to help with essay structures and general university life. There are also peer mentors available for new students."
"Due to the location of the uni, which is very close to Dover, it does appear to attract a multicultural student body. The uni also names itself the European university, which I suppose is the most inviting feature for European students."


"Kent prides itself on being the UK's European university, with campuses across Europe and a high number of international students. The university makes sure to take care of the different cultural needs."
"Kent is one of the best, if not the best, university for international students. There is so much support provided, including on-campus accommodation for all years at university."
"There is a festival that promotes diversity and there are other events for students of different backgrounds."
"The university has many international students so you are bound to hear multiple languages on your way to and from lectures. Also, people of all income backgrounds attend the University of Kent. Many of my friends come from different backgrounds but we all get on really well as everyone is considered equal at the university."
"I think it does due to to the fantastic support it gives all students. For international students, they offer an English class to help them with complex texts and other problems as well as a student adviser that can help them with essays. For students with a disability, the uni can cater to that and have specialist support for students who require it. All students can ask for help from the student advisory service, whether it's about careers or for checking essays by reading them through. If there are any problems generally, they can help with that too."
"I think it does because it is the UK's European university. I think that a large amount of the student population is from other countries."
"International nights, international food festival, international fayre in March."
"They do attract people from all corners of the globe. There are several open days and they offer work experience in other countries, which creates an international presence."
"It's a European university and has bases in Athens, Brussels and Paris. There are many societies/networks for foreign students."
"We are the UK's European university! We have links to universities all over the world and offer exchange programmes and years-abroad experiences."

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