University of Kent


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The gym is quite expensive for the quality of what it has to offer."
"The library can get very busy at times."
"There's not enough equipment in the gym to accommodate the number of students, especially considering that there are over 2000 students in sports teams alone."
"There is no shop on the campus, just cafés."
"I can sometimes feel that the student representatives do not adequately represent or support student views."
"I am on a satellite campus and it can sometimes feel very removed from the buzz of student life."
"There's a frequent lack of books during deadlines and it's frustrating when they are all taken out. There's also a lack of workspace in the library during the day."
"There's no swimming pool."
"If left too late, housing options are limited and mainly in one area (Hale's Place). The housing can be very old fashioned compared to other universities I have visited."
"Accommodation costs way too much and the laundry facilities are old as they still use coins and the machines don't give change."


"Canterbury is very small."
"Local nightlife isn't great and there isn't much of a music scene around town."
"I want better facilities for music practice for the money I pay towards my tuition. There are not many good nights out in Medway but the problem can be partially solved by jumping on the shuttle to Canterbury."
"The workload tends to intensify towards the end of the year. The renovations and construction-in-progress are always a nuisance."
"The cost of accommodation and poor students' union."
"Some of the teaching isn't great and you can get little feedback on marked work. There's never a spare seat in the library to study. On-campus accommodation is too expensive and you don't get what you pay for (same goes for on-campus cafe)."
"The location of my campus (it's at the dockyard) makes me feel secluded. However, the addition of other schools joining us recently has diminished that slightly."
"Living costs are high. The accommodation on and around the university is really expensive."
"Lack of a student union. Inconsistency between lecturers of different modules, such as recording lectures and exam prep."
"Not a Russell Group or similarly prestigious university."

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