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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Societies and sport clubs are well managed. To use the sport facilities, a fee is needed."
"Canterbury is a vibrant city and full of students as we have four universities in such a small area. The lecturers are very helpful and we also have homework clubs where you can go if you're having difficulties."
"There are lots of cafes/bars on campus and the library social area is a huge hub for all years. Sports and societies are plentiful and if there isn't a society for you it's not too difficult to set up something new."
"There are many sports societies for all different types of sports. Kent prides itself on how our sports clubs are provided for and run."
"There is a wide range of societies to join, from the obvious to the strange ones. I am part of the music society but I know there is an amateur dramatics one, a gaming one etc. There are lots of sporting events that the university union tries to get us into and the uni is quite local to Medway Park. The Medway campus is quite small but that adds to the appeal, plus the library is brilliant."
"The university has so many societies that one could join. I joined a lot of these and, with time, I picked out the ones I loved most. The only disadvantage about some societies, eg sports societies, is that their membership is really high and you have to get a gym membership on top of that to use the facilities with your society."
"There are plenty of opportunities for sports. However, the university does nothing to help with costs and to join teams is costly."
"I think the town is very peaceful and quiet. The closeness to nature makes it an ideal place to relax and study. We have the Gillingham F.C. Sports club (a division four team) and the Kent F.C. (Which does very well in the BUS league). I am a member of the student media, which means I regularly have contact with different people."
"There are a lot of great sports clubs. However, to join them you have to pay a gym membership. It's pretty expensive and may mean people get excluded from sports, particularly when there is an expensive team membership to pay on top of that. However, there is an amazing selection of both sports and societies. You have great opportunities through them as well as the chance to take responsibility by being on a committee."

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