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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The recruitment scheme at our university is well managed. You are able to sign up and keep up to date on any work you are interested in as it emails you when new offers are available or if it thinks your profile matches a certain job description. There are summer internships and there's even work experience available and we're always being updated with new jobs."
"The careers service is very active and provides good interview practice and CV workshops as well as one-on-one sessions. It would be more helpful for me if there were more science-based members of the service. The work experience is well advertised and placements are always an option as long as one can be secured."
"All kinds of work placements are available, both paid and unpaid. The careers service is very supportive from helping students to choose a career path to writing a CV to preparing them for mock assessments. It also runs a global skills award programme, makes referrals for job opportunities and applications and brings professionals and alumni to talk to students etc."
"As I'm looking to undertake a placement, the careers service has been incredibly helpful in providing updates of job opportunities and ways to increase my employability. The university has an employability points scheme that allows students to gain points if they attend events or do something that increases their employability and these points can be redeemed on internships, work experience, assessment centres and more. This scheme is great to be involved in and motivates students to participate in events that are advertised."
"The careers service has been helpful in organising seminars on CV writing and interviewing with mock interviews being offered. This has helped a lot of students to prepare for the workplace. There have been job fairs organised every month and various employers in the UK have been a part of such events. There are academic programmes that come with work placements and the placement team is very active and helpful, making it easy and possible for students to secure placements."
"There's amazing support and we get help with cover letters, CVs and interviews. There's a lot of activities tailored to help students with job and placement applications."
"The careers service is impeccable. There are great networking events and I am very impressed with the available resources we have."
"I've been given lots of advice when it comes to CV writing and finding work experience as well as working out what my skills are. The careers service puts on lots of events throughout the year for students to network and find out which jobs they might want to apply for."


"Placement workshops are held weekly and we're actively encouraged to go out and get a placement with support on how to pass interviews and assessment centres."
"The university has its own job shop that helps current students, graduates and former students with finding part time, seasonal and permanent jobs. Also, the university offers many employability workshops and fairs throughout the year to prepare students for the working world."
"We've had a careers fair every year since I started and we've also had compulsory lectures from the employability team with career advice. We also have our own engineering employability officer."
"There's almost always something going on related to careers and future employment. The careers service is run every day and has a drop-in CV help session, which is fantastic! Kent's online CV help actually helped my mum update her CV and we believe she landed her latest job because of it! We have a JobShop as well that advertises full and part time work in and around Canterbury as well as jobs on campus. A massive recruitment fair is held every year for culinary jobs on campus. That's a fun process to take part in as you gain a few friends as well as some important interview experience."
"The careers service has helped me to understand further what I want to achieve in jobs, and what jobs are more suited to me. The uni sends out emails detailing jobs that are available on and off campus and the uni can also point you in the right direction for work experience."
"The careers service at the university offers great help. This includes non-term times. They're always providing a lot of career opportunities through weekly emails and also through career fairs, which take place at various times during the academic year."
"The support from the Kent careers and employability service is astounding. They offer a two-week long careers festival, with various workshops intended to enhance our employability prospects. They also have an array of speakers and companies on campus to deliver talks. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the careers services offered in Kent. It's a shame that not everyone takes advantage of all the opportunities offered to them by the CES."
"I personally, being on an applied degree programme, have received a lot of support in creating a CV and cover letter and applying for placement positions. Carrying out placement applications in this way has been really beneficial as I feel more prepared to apply for jobs etc following the completion of my degree. I also know that, while on my placement next year, I will be able to learn so much more about working in my field of interest, which I am excited about. I have not really used any of the on-campus events but I have friends who have done and found them very useful. There are a wide range of employers from different fields, which is great. I would be interested to see this expanded, however, as the employers often seem more geared towards a business perspective, leaving out, for example, psychological career options."
"I believe this has been tremendous. The school provides bursaries for those doing internships abroad and work experience for those looking for jobs through the job shop and the careers employability service. They have been very helpful."
"Having gone to some of the career events, I can say that the university is really good at helping to give you ideas of ways to improve your employability and let you know about upcoming opportunities."

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