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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We're in a good and challenging environment that rewards effort. The lecturers are all great and many have real industry experience. Furthermore, all lecturers are encouraged to do their own research by completing doctorates and PhDs. This means they all understand what is required of good research. Huddersfield is also a great place for students as there is lots to do and lots of bars etc."
"What first attracted me to the University of Huddersfield was the fact that they let you do a placement year. Not only that, but the lecturers and placement unit actually sounded enthusiastic and determined to get you on a placement you'll enjoy. The University of Huddersfield treats you like an individual; if you don’t understand something they will adapt the way they teach for you. They want you to be successful and to gain the knowledge you require."
"There's a very attentive and knowledgeable teaching staff that is available even outside of designated office hours. The teaching staff is also generally young while being highly qualified. We have excellent facilities both in the library and the business school. Computers are all younger than three years old and the library has a large £150,000 budget to get books for students. Students just have to send an email with an explanation about why they need it in their studies and an Amazon link. The book doesn't even have to be a university textbook."
"The really friendly vibe and the fact that many staff are willing to help when asked and procedures are in place to help you study, even if it's as simple as library guards who shush people making too much noise."
"It has such a good atmosphere and everyone is really nice even if you don't know them. It's close to all the amenities and the nightlife is really good."
"Having a lot of opportunities to meet new people, join societies and learn from teachers who truly care."
"My tutors are so supportive and helpful because we are a small and focused cohort. This means we get a lot of one-to-one time with them and our campus is very nice."
"It's a safe and supportive environment with a sense of community and belonging. You're encouraged to follow your dreams."
"The best thing about university is the supportive network of tutors. They're always on hand to assist with any queries or problems you may have whether it's personal or about an assignment."


"The staff all have great knowledge of the areas they lecture in and are very helpful all round."
"The uni has great links with industry and jobs as well as great lecturers."
"Everything is easily accessible and we're surrounded by amenities that are no more than a ten-minute walk away. The local area is growing by way of new student-oriented bars and stores. The campus is constantly evolving thanks to a string of new developments and my course (creative arts) benefits from one of the newest and best-equipped buildings on campus. My course is taught by a selection of tutors who are both well known and consummate experts in their fields as well as being easily reachable."
"There are constant events and happenings around the uni. I really like the social scene, the course content, the fantastic students' union and the massive library."
"Plenty of student to tutor time, ensuring that you can ask any questions you may have. We have a friendly and understanding well-being team at the uni."
"The course is really fun and enjoyable. The social life is also good."
"Everything is within walking distance including accommodation, shops and the town centre. Lecturers are really helpful and kind."
"It's a great course with good people and great facilities."
"The campus is amazing as it's right in the town centre and everything is accessible."
"It's a great uni and the academic staff are great. It's in a nice location with affordable accommodation."

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