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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.5 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Revs, Five, Tokyo and Claustrophobic for example. Camel is good in your first year but can get old."
"Nightclubs, restaurants and a range of activities including the cinema, bowling, the theatre and laser quest."
"The town has several clubs, lots of bars, restaurants and upmarket coffee shops as well as various fitness and leisure facilities. There's also an Odeon within walking distance of the university and nearby cities are easily accessible via the train."
"There are two main clubs that are good for your general night out (Tokyo and Camel) as well as smaller clubs that are cheaper to get into (Kewz and Mavericks). There's also an excellent small venue for local and national acts called The Parish as well as lots of pubs."
"We've got bars, thrift shops and big brand shops too."
"There are all sorts of facilities close by including bowling, cinema and bars for students that host quiz nights etc."
"In terms of nights out there are two main clubs: Camel and Tokyo. There are a few local pubs in the town centre and near the station including a few Wetherspoons and a few smaller pubs such as Parish and Bar Maroc."
"There are a few bars and they turn into clubs later on in the night. There are two actual clubs and they're all situated within the town centre."
"There are a good few clubs and venues, nothing special but not bad either."
"There are clubs, pubs, cinemas and bowling etc. However, because it's a town, there are not as many choices as there would be if you lived in a city."

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