University of Huddersfield

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The library is amazing, the campus is very spacious and we have amazing facilities."
"It's a small town but it's picked up. Some things about the campus could be nicer eg the labs are outdated."
"The university itself is brilliantly placed but the preferred student accommodation is very far away and only accessible via an unreliable and oversubscribed bus service."
"Everything is pretty accessible from the accommodation I stay in but the main student accommodation, Storthes, is a bus journey away and is far from everything."
"It's a very good town as it feels like it has as much as you'd find in a city. It has everything you need plus the town is close to the university."
"I love the city and the nightlife. The university is great and very modern."
"The university is in the middle of Huddersfield and is well placed. We're only a short walk from the supermarket and the town centre with plenty of student accommodation options available."
"It's in the town centre so it's very easy to access transport or to meet friends for social activities. It's a great location."
"Very good. There is one large campus and all the buildings and facilities are very accessible."
"The university is in the town centre with all the shops being a few minutes walk away. Also, there's a lot of student accommodation nearby and more is being built."

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