University of Huddersfield


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's a lack of parking for students."
"I have found that one or two lecturers just read the slides they have. I'd like more engagement and discussion than that. Luckily, it is only one or two."
"While most teachers are great, there are odd ones who are quite bad. Some staff, especially part-time staff, can be shockingly bad."
"The uni could have more societies and socials."
"More extracurricular events should be promoted."
"The town probably is pretty boring, nothing happens here. The lack of a proper SU bar is annoying."
"There are too many assignments and academic reports and no student car parking."
"For some reason a lot of other universities don't view it as being very good."
"Some procedures can be annoying. One of these is that the swipe-in system for lectures that start at quarter past the hour wont let you swipe in after half past."


"I think the town needs a bit of work to bring it up to date."
"It's not the nicest looking town at times, although some of the green places are beautiful."
"There's no students' union bar."
"The cold (mostly joking)! It can be difficult to get through to lecturers when you need them at times. Communication could be improved."
"A lack of university sponsored accommodation means that student halls can be of low value and quality. Huddersfield is a difficult location to reach via long-distance public transport (especially from the Midlands and the South)."
"There could be more places to sit within the library as it can sometimes be difficult to find a computer."
"I don't think the people running private accommodation respond quickly enough to maintenance issues and loud noise."
"There have been occasions when tutors and lecturers have had issues with bringing videos and presentations up on the computers due to settings being changed in between time. This is one example of how communication between staff could be better. We don't have a students' union bar, though there are plenty near the uni. In regards to equipment, we don't have access to traditional printing methods and, if you want to use such, you will need to go to an open studio such as the artworks in Halifax."
"A bigger gym would be nice."
"There are not too many high-street shops."

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