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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"They offer CV building and monthly newsletters."
"We have an on-site careers service with newsletters and a website. There are also open days for employers."
"There is a good careers and placement support department within the uni. The placement team was wonderful in helping me to get a placement and they recently won an award. The careers service is also good and offers many training sessions and one-to-one advice etc. Many summer/holiday internships and part-time or work experience opportunities are advertised and provided on campus. We get many recruiters on campus, although sometimes the largest businesses within certain fields are not present and instead just send flyers and posters."
"I am currently in my third year and am on a placement at a business on the outskirts of Huddersfield. The placement unit prepared us by giving us presentations and introducing us to placement students in our second year so we could see what we could do. Support was provided throughout the entire process including mock interviews, CV checks and even consistent emails to make sure we were still on track. When I started looking for a placement, the university provided about five pages of placement options that were available in my department. They also make sure that you are comfortable during your placement by assigning you a placement tutor who comes to visit you on the job and provides guidance and support. As for the facilities, there are many recruitment events that happen during the year and the university consistently sends emails to make sure you know when they are."
"Schools have excellent teaching support and great careers services that help students look for placements. This help ranges from CV writing or job hunting to mock interviews and assessment centre preparations. Despite these excellent services, the university fails to attract high-profile employers with mostly local manufacturing companies recruiting into back office positions from the business school. The shared university careers service is also a bit of a hit or miss. While they organise some great workshops and meetings with local employers, they fall down when it comes to helping a student apply for prestigious, more well-known companies."
"There's good support from the careers service and, depending on courses, they host sessions from top employers to tell us what they want or don't want to see in candidates. The business school placement unit is excellent, I'd highly recommend it."
"The placement I had during my third year really helped me in terms of being more employable and getting me used to the workplace. The placement unit in the university was great at trying to get the best job for everyone during that year."
"The placement service is amazing and really helpful. I do think there could be a little bit more jobs advice and career help, though."


"I've had huge help from the careers service and they couldn't have supported me more. They helped me to prepare for interviews and get my CV ready for applications."
"The careers services aren't widely promoted apart from a weekly email."
"We are encouraged to do a placement on my course. I understand that my coursemates are enjoying theirs for the most part."
"I'm always getting emails about job offers and things."
"There is plenty of support in the form of receiving advice on your CV and on applying for part-time jobs. Placements are left to you while advice and guidance is on hand in each school with your placement officers who can help. I have been to a few recruitment days on campus and the focus tends to be on summer work. There's a range of opportunities including some paid and some voluntary."
"I've had help in getting a placement so I think it's good and useful."
"There have been a lot of careers fairs at my university and I've been advised on all the different posts I could get with my degree, which was a lot more than I first thought. Some of the courses were really helpful and equipped us with skills and information that current employers value. I believe that this is a big part of the reason why I got my current job."
"There could be more information about the kinds of jobs that are available in my sector."

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