University of Hertfordshire

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"The location is not good for a social life but the campus, facilities and accommodation are all excellent."
"It's a good location as it's close to restaurants and other entertainment facilities."
"It's easy to travel around. We're a short commute to London, which is handy as we're in quite a dull area."
"The campuses are great with all the facilities one could ever need. There is a supermarket and mall really close by but there is little to do outside of campus, especially nightlife wise."
"There's a high quality of facilities provided and good student accommodation too."
"Student accommodation is good but the town is boring with not many things to do."
"The university facilities are very clean and modern with a high level of security making students feel safe. It has good transport links to London but Hatfield as a town has very limited facilities."
"The university is based in Hatfield. It's a small town so all the shops are within walking distance. The bus service is pretty poor around here."
"The facilities are really good on my campus, although there have been a few occasions when the uni server has gone down, preventing me from doing or even submitting work. The town is small but has everything you need and you can also get to nearby towns for shopping very easily. London isn't far by train either. The student accommodation was good; I've never had a problem with my accommodation."
"Hatfield isn't particularly exciting. However, the student bar and the Forum club are good."

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