University of Gloucestershire


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The course, the people and the good lecturers."
"Very nice campus with first-year halls close by. There's a nice atmosphere, a great social life and friendly people. We get opportunities to volunteer and boost employability."
"It's a great place to study."
"Campus is in a small town so everything is within walking distance."
"I get loads of academic support and a lot of freedom to choose what I want to study and what to do an assignment on."
"Loads of resources. Student events are always going on and there are great societies and social life."
"My photojournalism course is highly ranked in the top 10 in Europe. The location is really pleasant and safe and there are plenty of events, festivals and other nice activities that run throughout the year."
"The lecturers are amazing. They're very well versed on their subject and very down to earth. The course offers good practical opportunities and is challenging enough to keep you interested."
"Lecturers know their subjects inside out. They've published several thought-provoking books."
"Great sport facilities and Ofsted have rated it outstanding for teaching courses."

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