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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The pros are that it's a high-ranking university so your chances of getting a good job are improved. The next good thing is that the environment is very versatile as everyone from around the globe has arrived here to study and it makes you gain more experience and knowledge about different cultures and traditions. The teaching levels and teachers are highly friendly in dealing with everything."
"We have a beautiful campus, a beautiful city, a good location for our accommodation and plenty to do academically or socially."
"We have a choice of two students' unions that both host a variety of events. We have lots of sporting and society opportunities and a stunning campus."
"The best things are the library and seminars. The University of Glasgow has a fantastic library with large workspaces and there is a huge selection of books to be borrowed."
"There's a wonderful sense of community so it's relatively easy to make friends with common interests. The facilities such as student support, the library and the Stevenson Gym are excellent. The university also has very high standards of teaching and education, which makes me feel lucky every day when I attend. I also like that the whole main campus is located in one area so everything is easily accessible."
"In my opinion, the well-equipped laboratories and the level of research projects being offered to students would account for the best things about my university."
"The campus means buildings are all close and it feels more like a community. The university is involved in leading research in various fields of work, which makes the students and staff proud so everything's more enjoyable as we appreciate the work we are taking part in and the valuable knowledge that we can gain from our lecturers. The library facilities are excellent."
"The extensive research facilities were remarkable in the history department. When pursuing and completing my dissertation, I could not have asked for more support and guidance and wonderful training into using archives and analysing primary sources."


"The quality of teaching is great and there are always a lot of social events on campus. There are lots of career fairs as well as access to internship opportunities through the internship hub."
"The university is very organised in general and very helpful. The classes I take are fantastic. The facilities offered to students are very good and it has two student unions as well as hundreds of clubs and societies! There's a great student life on campus and there's always so much to do! The university is in a wonderful part of Glasgow as well."
"It's a spectacular looking university, the people are all very friendly and the course is exactly what I wanted. As a third year, I am finding the course really interesting and fun."
"It's a great location for the social life in Glasgow, we have two unions! On the course side of things, we're second-to-none for placement opportunities."
"The support from staff, the city and the university as a whole."
"It's a great university with good classes and supportive lecturers. There's a good social life with plenty of different societies and activities to try. Having exams before, rather than after, Christmas is a plus."
"There are lots of student organised things like the student unions, clubs and societies etc. We have good lecturers and support and the university is well respected, it's a good name to have a degree from."
"The access to a wide range of study materials and the beautiful buildings. It's a highly-respected university with a lot of guest lecturers."
"It has a very good name for itself and Glasgow is a fantastic city with a great social scene and a rich, vibrant history."
"The teaching facilities are great and the staff are knowledgeable of their subjects. There is a vibrant social atmosphere and many opportunities to meet new people or find new places. Glasgow's museums in particular are an underrated and valuable resource."

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