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Night life
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(based on ratings in 2016)


"Glasgow has a lot to offer including an endless number of pubs, bars and clubs etc. There are also numerous museums, shopping facilities and various events throughout the year."
"Glasgow is fantastic for having a great night as there are so many options available. Sports clubs have the tradition to go out every Wednesday to Viper (a famous club on the West End) but there are also good clubs in the city centre where you can find Latin music, disco, pop, R&B or any style that you enjoy. Moreover, there are very good pubs near the university where you can find karaoke and live music gigs."
"There is something to do every day of the week and there are usually student offers available to cut down on costs. There are also regular pub quizzes, open mic nights, dance classes and other fun activities available at bars and night clubs."
"There are two very popular clubs in the West End and many really great pubs. It's also easy to catch the subway or get a bus into the centre of Glasgow, which is a great night out with many great pubs and clubs throughout the city."
"There are two students' unions, the GUU being the most popular with its own nightclub and beer bar. There are many big streets with loads of bars five minutes away from the university so you never lack places to go! You can also get cheap transport to the city centre that has many nightclubs."
"The pubs are perfect for students as they offer variation and fun as well as friendly and lively atmospheres. There is also a variety of clubs in the city centre and the two unions also provide an alternative for students who want to party in the West End. The Hive, one of the union's clubs, is a lot of fun."
"There are two students' unions on campus, each with many varied activities. There is also a state-of-the-art gym with a swimming pool and sauna as well as many sports clubs and gym classes to join. A short walk from campus is Byers Road and Ashton Lane, both with many shops, bars and restaurants. Slightly further on there is a nightclub as well as the main clubs in the city centre."
"There are many different kinds of pubs from laid back ones serving food to sports bars, meaning everyone has some kind of pub to go to. The clubs are great as well, they're nice and cheap and also have a good mix of locals and students."
"The main nightlife is within the centre of Glasgow. There are many pubs and bars along Byres Road, the centre of the West End, that continue to be just as plentiful in the Finnieston area along Argyle street."
"There are loads of bars and pubs in the West End with a couple of clubs to go to too. There is a comedy club right around the corner from the main road and the university has two subway stations situated at either end of the campus as well as a frequent bus route making it easy to get to the centre of the city where most of the nightlife occurs. Sauchiehall Street and Bath Street are only a 15-20 minute walk from the West End, making it easy to walk home after a night out."


"You can shop, eat, explore and go to museums. There are lots of pubs where you can see live music as well as a large concert hall. There is also a number of museums including Kelvingrove and the national transport museum. You can go on walks along the canals and rivers as well as go to the many parks."
"Living in Glasgow is great because there's always so much to do. There are a lot of restaurants and bars and there's a good selection of retail stores for shopping. The tourist bus around Glasgow is also a good day out."
"There's a variety of bars, clubs and concert venues catering to everyone's needs, financial situation and music tastes. This is also alongside a great number of LGBT bars, late-night cinema events, drag and cabaret."
"In Glasgow, there are tonnes of amazing bars and clubs to choose from with lots of gigs on nightly. You can find really cheap prices as well, especially for students."
"There are plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as lots of bars and clubs. We also have Kelvingrove Park in the west end and tennis courts."
"Lots of clubs in the city centre, lots of places to eat and an awesomely huge cinema."
"It's Glasgow! Scotland's best city for a reason. If there's something you want to do, you can probably find the place for it here."
"The city has many clubs with some being very big and others smaller. There are also lots of bars and world famous music venues."
"There is so much. We have many music events at legendary clubs and venues like The Barrows and Sub Club as well as all the art exhibitions and general green spaces (a surprising amount for a city). There is something in Glasgow for everyone and this is one of the friendliest, most diverse cities I've ever been to."
"There is an excellent selection of bars and clubs that cater to everyone's taste in music. There are also plenty of live music venues and there are a few comedy clubs as well so there is always something different to do."

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