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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university campus is in a very central location in the west end of Glasgow surrounded by lots of student flats. It has easy access to supermarkets, shops and restaurants as well as good nightlife. The student accommodation is a little more wide-spread but the residences themselves are relatively big."
"The location is excellent because it's not in the centre of Glasgow, but in the west end, which is quieter and more beautiful. The campus is fairly big and there are lots of places to study, have lunch, grab coffee etc. I haven't personally lived in student accommodation but I have heard it can be very expensive."
"It's near the centre of Glasgow, just in the west end. Campus is mostly all on one street and the facilities contain pretty much everything the average student needs. There are libraries, gyms, coffee shops, stationary stores, counselling facilities, doctors' surgeries and places to go on a night out etc. Accommodation, especially the Murano Street Student Village, leaves lots to be desired however."
"It's well located and easy to reach by public transport (or walking). It's less easy to cycle or drive around as the roads are not good for bikes and there are not enough parking spaces. The campus is nice and quite compact although it can sometimes take more than 10 minutes to get to classes on opposite sides of campus. If one lecture runs on then you may well not make the next one on time. Computer facilities are not adequate, it can be difficult to get a computer in the library or a lab most of the time. Maths labs are sometimes double-booked leaving students with nowhere to work. Since the vast majority of our work and resources are computer based, this can make studying between classes (when there is no time to go home) very difficult."
"The old main building is brilliant. It's not just postcard pretty but also has well-equipped, comfortable and modern lecture areas. There's also about to be a large redevelopment of some areas to bring them up to date. There is no shortage of accommodation options or things to do in the west end. There are two underground stops close to the heart of campus meaning easy access to the rest of the city."
"The location is great with excellent transportation. Student accommodation is fine but can feel too remote and dark to return back to at night."
"Glasgow is a large city and the main campus is located in the west end, which is a nice part of the town. I hear that accommodation varies depending on how much you pay for it, which is to be expected. There is a lot of renovation happening right now, which has caused some disruption. However, this should hopefully improve the campus after it's done."
"It's right in the west end, which means that there are some brilliant cafes and restaurants nearby to hang out in to celebrate the end of exams and dissertations! There are two subway stations nearby and a bus going directly into the city centre, which makes getting to and from the university very straightforward."
"The uni is in a great location and there are plenty of bars, pubs and places to eat nearby. Also, the Botanic gardens are a five minute walk away so, if it's sunny (admittedly rare in Glasgow), you can have a study break there and enjoy the weather. There are two unions and the QMU does get some pretty amazing bands playing there every so often. I don't use the uni gym as I have one closer to my accommodation for the same price, but I've heard that the facilities are very good since the upgrade."
"The campus is situated in the beautiful west end of Glasgow and sits right by Kelvingrove Park and the art gallery. It's quite a residential area so you meet people from all walks of life. Student halls are quite a long walk from campus though."

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