University of Glasgow

Fun Facts

What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"Glasgow University is the second largest distributor of free condoms in Scotland, behind the NHS."
"Students in accommodation have free access to the gym."
"There is a university nursery available for children of students and staff."
"There is a Quidditch team that plays in Kelvingrove Park."
"The library has ten floors, which all have different noise levels so you can choose the environment you want to study in."
"The Queen Margaret Union has a Tempo Bubble Tea bar built in. Also, the QMU's specialty drink is called a Pint of Magic and the Glasgow University Union's specialty drink is called a Pint of Fun. Both have to be tried to make a comparison."
"You can get married in the church at the University of Glasgow, but only if you're an alumni."
"Glasgow Uni was voted the second best law school in the UK this year, beating Oxford law!"

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