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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think my university could do a lot better at providing support to international students. Some examples would be more financial aid and more awareness of what there is to do and see outside of academics."
"The university is very diverse but there are not enough working class people. This is probably because they're priced out due to high accommodation costs."
"I do think the university is good at attracting a diverse group of students. I have classmates of many different ethnicities, nationalities, religions and sexualities. The uni takes widening participation into consideration to allow for students from less advantaged backgrounds, myself included."
"I think the University of Glasgow does a lot of good work to promote acceptance and diversity in terms of race, religion, gender, sexuality and disability. It would never hurt to do even more, but I am already proud to go to such a diverse university."
"The university has special representatives who tour the world to meet prospective students and help address their challenges."
"There are regular events for international students where cross-cultural dialogues are promoted."
"It definitely does. There are university-led initiatives to support all kinds of students from many different backgrounds. Not to mention the effort of the unions and student representative council."
"There are a few pre-entry programmes that I am aware of that support people through the process of getting into the University of Glasgow. There's a wide variety of people from all walks of life including everyone from international students to privately-educated people to state school pupils to mature students. Everyone will be able to find someone in a similar situation to themselves."


"The University of Glasgow caters for everyone and offers a number of opportunities. There is also a very large erasmus network of students who come over for their year abroad."
"I definitely think the uni does. We have a very diverse population with many of my fellow students coming from all corners of the globe."
"There are societies representing many countries so it is easy to find out more about different cultures."
"The university has a vast number of international students from all over the world."
"Yes I think so. I have met so many international students with different backgrounds coming to my university to study."
"There are people from all over the world and each year we have many exchange students as well. Therefore, I think the university does a great job in attracting diverse students."
"I think so, there are a lot of clubs and facilities to cater for students with different backgrounds and needs."
"There are students from all over the world. A huge deal of work has gone into attracting students from all socio-economic backgrounds too."
"They offer fee exemptions, scholarship opportunities and bursaries where needed."
"Absolutely, Glasgow is one of the most diverse cities in Scotland and students know this, hence why they come. There are accommodations made for students of different faiths, such as areas for them to pray in the library when studying for example."

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