University of Glasgow


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There can be a half-mile walk between some lectures."
"I can't specialise earlier than in my third year and there are no designated parking spaces as the uni thinks every student is from a student hall nearby. Some commute from 30 miles away and more, costing a fortune on public transport."
"The library can be very busy at peak times and it can be difficult to find a work space. Also, the cafeteria is very busy with long waiting times in queues for food or seats."
"The university sports complex (Garscube) is located very far away from campus and sports clubs need to do bus shuttles for training sessions. The food prices in the Fraser Building are very expensive."
"The basic rate halls are more expensive than at other Scottish unis and there is a lack of group study space. The library gets very busy in term time, especially near the ending weeks of the semester. The lectures are huge in some subjects and some tutorials have large numbers of students, which isn't always great in terms of asking questions and receiving help when needed."
"The weather isn't always that great and you will eventually begin to miss the sunshine."
"The weather can be miserable and my campus is far from the city. Travel between campuses is annoying and has no support."
"The university's mental health scheme leaves much to be desired and is not nearly large or efficient enough for the scale of the university."


"Staff are not always as supportive as they could be and have previously dismissed concerns about workload and course content. Also, facilities for lectures, tutorials and especially lab facilities are not always sufficient."
"The weather here is often quite miserable."
"None of the student accommodation is very close to uni so, no matter which halls you choose, you will end up having to walk quite a way. If you end up not living in halls in first year, you can find it difficult to meet people."
"Glasgow is so big that you can feel disconnected."
"Forget about using the library for engineering-based subjects. All the good books you'll need are only available to take out for 24 hours at a time. There are limited copies of books for longer lending and the library and other facilities do not have 24 hour access."
"Whenever something is being replaced or refurbished, it tends to take longer than promised. Also, student accommodation is privately-owned and can be extortionately priced."
"I feel the university sometimes doesn't help students as much as it could and that it approaches studies archaically. Also, they could do more to keep up with the modern job market as studies seem primarily aimed towards further academia rather than actually getting a job."
"The parking situation is dire. However, the university is served very well by various modes of public transport."
"The laboratory facilities are not very extensive."
"As with many universities, there is a strong bias towards the theoretical in teaching. Even for a practical course, too much energy is devoted to theory."

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