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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"Sports clubs are extremely popular at Glasgow University with over 40 in the sports association. Every year there is the largest varsity event in the UK held between the three Glasgow universities (U of G, Strathclyde and Caledonian), which is a major event that every club takes part in and builds up to. The Student Representative Council has over 100 societies run by students that you can join."
"The social environment is great and everyone is friendly and approachable. There's a large variety of sports clubs such as aikido, climbing, yoga and basketball."
"There is a great social environment throughout the university. Those involved in sports clubs will often have the opportunity to go on bar crawls with their team mates throughout the year. These are a great way to get to know team mates in a more casual setting and make new friends. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the unions too. Both the Queen Margaret Union and Glasgow University Union are student run so it can be a great experience getting to know people through the unions."
"The best places for socialising are the unions, which are always brimming with atmosphere. Glasgow University has hundreds of societies to choose from ranging from sporting ones to the Labour or Feminist Society. It is very much worth going along to meet and greets during freshers' week to join these."
"There are a lot of societies and it is easy to get involved in them. The only problem is that you have to pay for annual gym membership by default in addition to your sports membership if you want to join a sports society. That makes it quite pricey."
"The gym itself has been recently upgraded and is state of the art. Membership is very reasonable at £100 per annum, making it far cheaper than most other gyms in Glasgow. There are also many sports clubs that you can join."
"The social activities are great and there are lots of events both university organised and outside of the university. There are 'sub crawls' (pub crawls along each stop of the subway) conducted by a number of different societies that all meet up at the end of the night so there's a lot of mixing with new people. The university has two unions, meaning there's always a place to drink with university friends and other students."
"There are so many societies and sports clubs in the university. I joined the cycling club and, in addition to the bike trip every Sunday and the training session in the gym, there are lots of social events every week."
"There is the African and Caribbean society, which I was a part of, and the Glasgow University charity fashion show that runs a show every year to raise money for charity. There are A LOT of sports teams to pick from so you won't fall short there."
"There are loads of societies at the university that students can join that have a range of sports and interests. The university also has a few unions so there are a lot of events and club nights going on within the university. The unions also have a couple of bars and clubs within them that run most days during both semesters."


"The sports union is huge and there are a number of clubs available that include everyone from beginners to very experienced people. The Stevenson building is the gym and it has just been extended, along with an extension to the union building. In addition to the sports union (GUSA) and the Glasgow University Union (GUU), the University of Glasgow also has the Queen Margret Union (QMU) that offers other social events and space for students. Finally, the University of Glasgow has the student representative council (SRC) that represents students across all levels of academia and organises the freshers' week along with the other three associations. In terms of societies, each degree programme tends to have their own society along with hundreds more including the law society, mathsoc, Hispanic society and SVA (student volunteers abroad). Most commonly they will host social events on Wednesday evenings along with sports teams and clubs."
"There is a great variety of clubs and societies at my uni. You can sign up during freshers' week or even just attend their events and become a member if need be."
"There's a huge number of societies catering to all tastes, though some are more active than others."
"Socially, Glasgow Uni has an incredible variety of clubs and societies as well as a huge number of sports teams including sports that I'd never even heard of. At Glasgow, there is a society for almost everything, even cheese! Students are never bored because campus is always buzzing with atmosphere and things to do."
"We just got a new gym, though the membership fee is more expensive now."
"So many sports clubs that it's very easy to find one to join. The social environment is good but gets better in later years when course classes get smaller."
"Sports clubs are always open to new members and there is a big social life attached to that if you want a great way to meet new people you wouldn't otherwise meet. There are relatively good prices for membership and plenty of food places in and around uni for lunch etc and lots with student discounts. The gym is a great facility and has just been done up."
"The University of Glasgow boasts hundreds of student societies that provide opportunities to make friends across disciplines and explore new hobbies and interests."
"There are plenty of clubs and societies to choose from that are varied and welcoming. You can have plenty of good nights out and chances to make friends."
"There is basically everything for everyone. From Doctor Who to anime, from pole dancing to sword fighting. There is everything."

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