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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The studies advisor is great to talk to to discuss concerns about progression in career and education. Supervisors also offer their insight towards such matters. Research opportunities and summer placements etc could be more readily available, especially to junior students."
"The university's career service actively searches for jobs and has a database of jobs that could be of interest to students. Beyond this, the university has regular recruitment dates where employers are invited to the campus to meet with students and discuss employment opportunities. The careers office is based in the centre of the campus so is easily accessible where appointments can be made to offer a range of support including mock interviews."
"I got an internship through uni, which was great, but there's really only internships etc available if you do a business or engineering degree, you have to look a little harder for other subjects. College of the Arts (the college I'm in) has recently started taking a lot more responsibility for helping arts students get work experience but I don't know how many people have taken up these opportunities. I feel psychology and a few other schools could do with advertising some subject-specific internships/jobs/placements/volunteering opportunities etc. The careers service seems to only focus on the big companies and not the smaller ones."
"There is the Graduate Performance Management Programme (GPMP), which is developed by the University of Glasgow to develop soft skills for workplace preparation and consist of 11 modules to improve employability skills. This is only one example and there are many more available free of charge, you also get a certificate at the end of it. There is an internship/employment fair every year where students can learn more about the employers and the jobs available to them. Many of the biggest companies are there such as PwC, BAE and HSBC. The university also has internships that are only available to students and only on their website."
"I have had a few presentations and talks from the careers services throughout my university career to let me know what options my specific course will lead to. In my film and tv courses, we were given a talk from two BBC workers who encouraged us to consider a career in production and gave us tips on how to get into the industry. There are always work experience placements available for applications sent out by my course leaders and other services through the university email system so I am always updated on what my options are."
"The law fair is excellent and has numerous opportunities to liaise with employers and firms. I haven't used the careers service personally but I'm aware that they're always offering services such as CV checking and even headshots for LinkedIn profiles. Staff always email about opportunities for internships and part-time work within your field of study. I secured a legal traineeship, which was helped with the fact that I got to speak to former trainees at an event held by the university one evening."
"The careers service and advisers are very useful at letting you know what's out there. They publicise and encourage students to be proactive in seeking out opportunities for work as well as invite employers to come and talk to students and answer questions."
"The university provides a wide range of resources to make the students ready for the job market. There are career fairs (that help you to find summer placement of graduate job), mock interview sessions, help with tailoring your CV and cover letters and also one-on-one sessions to discuss various career options. Top students are also eligible to apply for university funding to do a summer research project in a laboratory of their choice. This is a great experience and enhances the employment possibilities greatly."
"There is a careers advisor available who is very experienced and knows how to advise students, no matter what stage they may be at. There are many different employers that attend careers fairs, both large companies and small. There is also a careers hub, owned by the university, that helps students to find placements and internships."
"The career service is quite fully booked so getting an appointment can be tricky. There are often fairs with employers present though, so that is super helpful."


"I have never had to use the careers services but they often send general emails with ideas, tips and opportunities on how to better your CV or be outstanding in an interview, for example. In terms of employers on campus, there is a union-run careers fair every year that attracts a lot of large and small enterprises alike. Each school will normally have a specific careers fair as well, so the law school will have a law fair and invite lots of law firms and other businesses that want to hire people with a legal degree. Finally, there are often large businesses at the freshers' fair at the start of term that offer advice to new students."
"The internship hub is a valuable resource for finding internship opportunities. The calibre of employers that present on campus is high and they come from a wide range of multinational and also smaller corporations. The fairs are often very busy but good for chatting to employers."
"My course offered the chance to spend a year in industry, which was excellent. It would have been quite difficult to find a job otherwise."
"There are always careers advisers available if you make an appointment and the student services desk is open every weekday. There are often career days, recruitment and job fairs and much more on campus as well as workshops to improve your CV."
"I've used the careers services to check my CV and cover letter and it was quite useful. It's great that we have career fairs twice a year so we get a chance to chat with recruiting companies."
"The support is very good from the careers services. There are several fairs throughout the year and the internship hub emails you at least twice a week with jobs and internships."
"There are plenty of careers services from mock interviews to CV checks. There is so much available throughout the year and they give you help getting summer placements. There are lots of careers fairs too where you can speak to people in industry that you wouldn't otherwise have the chance to. We also had a dinner with industry members organised by the engineering society, which is great for getting to speak to people in the workplace and impressing prospective employers."
"I've been to a few careers counsellor appointments to help me with applying for jobs and internships in the summer as I am a second year student. I know that there are many different companies, career day events and different help workshops put on at the university."
"The work placement year I have been on has prepared me better than anything else for a job. I know now the type of thing I am looking to do when I leave uni, whereas I don't think I would've had a clue before. There are always career fairs going on on campus and sometimes lecturers or societies will get guest speakers to come in and they can speak about their job, this can really help you figure out if you would like to go down a similar career path."
"There are a lot of good fairs and opportunities, if you need them."

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