University of Exeter


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The great facilities and buildings combined with the beautiful campus. We have a wide choice of sports and societies, the uni is very international and welcoming and there's a supportive staff."
"My university has a very personal style of teaching so I know that I can go to any of the lecturers and get plenty of help whenever I need it."
"It has a real feeling of community as it is a campus university meaning everyone is close by. Also, they provide a wide variety of clubs and societies."
"The library is amazing, a great place to work and the whole students' union area is a really cool place to hang out and eat. The sports facilities are great. I love the town of Exeter and most of all the campus is really beautiful."
"Everyone is so inclusive, from the students to the faculty staff. If you have any concerns regarding your degree, housing or pretty much anything there is someone you can talk to for help. More than this, there is a really relaxed atmosphere at the university. Everyone is still focused on their goals and degrees but there is a good balance between work and play here."
"Having many career opportunities and a broad range of modules. All lectures are recorded and notes are posted online. You get value for money as there are many lab sessions that allow us the use of expensive equipment and resources."
"The campus is lovely. There are good facilities for lectures etc and the lecturers are all very interested in what they teach as a lot of them also do research in the same area."
"The campus is very welcoming and feels like a student hub. I am also very appreciative of the facilities offered at Exeter as I am an avid sportsman playing tennis and football as well as boxing. The sports centre at the uni is perfect for anyone who enjoys sports. The professors are also really clear and helpful in their lectures and tutorials, which definitely improves my learning experience at Exeter."
"It's a beautiful campus that's really green and full of life (and not far from the beach). The societies are great as well and there are always things going on, as well as chances to meet new people and explore new things."
"The education quality, university ranking, proficiency of lecturers and use of lecture materials."


"Exeter offers a perfect balance between obtaining a prestigious degree and being able to make the most of your time at university, socially speaking."
"It's a beautiful environment, being in the countryside with modern buildings and excellent sports and fitness facilities."
"It's a fantastic and stimulating learning environment with lots of different skills events and fairs offered throughout the year."
"Its wonderful reputation and the range of talented and inspiring professors."
"It isn't too big a city, which is nice. Halls are lovely and there are a lot of great lecturers!"
"It's a beautiful campus uni and campus security makes it feel safe. Everything is close (shops, cafes, town etc) and the lecturers are friendly and helpful."
"Very friendly atmosphere with lots of help available. There are good facilities and lots of societies so there's something for everyone."
"It's a lovely university and the course that I am following offers a great opportunity to start working from the third year onward."
"The campus and surrounding areas are very beautiful and green. The teaching staff are friendly and are happy to help if ever there is an issue. The sports facilities are of an extremely high standard and there is an overall feeling of pride to be here."
"It's of a good size with a great campus and very good support systems. It also has a good reputation."

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