University of Exeter


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It's one of the most beautiful places in the world and everyone is really nice. The campus is research-orientated and well funded."
"The support provided by the staff on my course is great and the inter-year communication has been amazing and much better than what my friends at other universities seem to have access to. Also, the athletics club team spirit is very good."
"It's a lovely campus with excellent and modern facilities."
"The campus is really nice and I like the surrounding city."
"It's a great university with lots of fun projects, good lecturers and tutors."
"We have great sports clubs and we're not too far from the beach."
"The uni has excellent facilities, a beautiful and modern campus and a town close by."
"The social aspects, the quality of the teaching staff and the wealth of support for every situation you can imagine."


"Exeter offers a perfect balance between obtaining a prestigious degree and being able to make the most of your time at university, socially speaking."
"It's a beautiful environment, being in the countryside with modern buildings and excellent sports and fitness facilities."
"It's a fantastic and stimulating learning environment with lots of different skills events and fairs offered throughout the year."
"Its wonderful reputation and the range of talented and inspiring professors."
"It isn't too big a city, which is nice. Halls are lovely and there are a lot of great lecturers!"
"It's a beautiful campus uni and campus security makes it feel safe. Everything is close (shops, cafes, town etc) and the lecturers are friendly and helpful."
"Very friendly atmosphere with lots of help available. There are good facilities and lots of societies so there's something for everyone."
"It's a lovely university and the course that I am following offers a great opportunity to start working from the third year onward."
"The campus and surrounding areas are very beautiful and green. The teaching staff are friendly and are happy to help if ever there is an issue. The sports facilities are of an extremely high standard and there is an overall feeling of pride to be here."
"It's of a good size with a great campus and very good support systems. It also has a good reputation."

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