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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.7 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The local pub (The Imperial) is an excellent place to meet friends, as is the pub Mill on the Exe. I don't go clubbing but Cheesy Tuesday is apparently not to be missed."
"It's not the most intense nightlife in the country but it has everything you could want."
"There's an array of pubs with some definitely being student-favoured, but the handful of clubs shut comparatively early to other towns (2.00 am instead of 4.00 am). They're fine providing you're willing to pay for drinks to make the experience bearable and you have a group of friends to dance with, otherwise it's easy to give up and wind up getting food at one of the late night food establishments before heading home."
"There's a lot going on in Exeter. Everything is smaller than in a bigger city but it's still good fun and can get pretty busy. There are loads of themed nights and different acts coming through. There's also a good number of great pubs and a huge student scene."
"The nightlife in Exeter is great and there are different clubs for different types of music."


"Everything shuts really early but there are some fun nights."
"There are only a few main clubs in town but, as a result, you're likely to see all your friends in one place on a night out, which can be a great thing. There's nothing like the joy of bumping into everyone you know on a night out!"
"Aside from the clubs, there are plenty of shops in a large shopping centre and a wide range of restaurants. There's also a cinema and gym in the city centre."
"You can go out every night but there's not as much compared to big city night life."
"There's a variety of clubs. Cheesy Tuesdays is especially great but there is something for every music taste. Lots of bars too."
"Loads! There's a real range, from clubs to pubs and cafes and restaurants."
"There are a few pubs and bars, some of which are really cool. The drinks in these can be expensive but some do student discounts and offers. There are better clubs in town, each with their own nights and themes. The downside is that getting into the clubs on those busy nights often means buying tickets in advance or queuing."
"There's a selection of clubs as well as late night pubs that are smaller in size but with something student orientated going on every night of the week. Entry is always cheap too."
"There are nightclubs but the selection is small so you might get bored of them by your third year. There is a really good selection of shops on the high street."
"There are several large clubs to go to as well as many smaller pubs hosting live music nearly every night of the week."

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