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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
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(based on ratings in 2016)


"The location of my university is Falmouth, Cornwall, which is beautiful and scenic and great for nature walks and BBQs at the beach. The campus is very modern so we have lots of very up-to-date software and equipment. However the campus is still small so we don't have as wide a range of facilities as larger institutions. There are plenty of beaches, festivals and a unique nightlife experience available to students, plus the accommodation and transport links are pretty efficient and reasonable for the area."
"I'm based in Exeter, close to the high street. The campus and facilities are really modern with maintenance being done to them regularly. There are also new buildings being developed and constructed while old ones are getting renovated. This means there's plenty of space to study and also relax on campus. The engineering department has workshops full of equipment that's needed for your degree with technicians that will help you use it all. The student accommodation is also really decent but the quality really depends on which building you live in and how much you pay for it. Even the cheapest has all the standard facilities you need, plus the accommodation staff immediately help you with any concerns or problems."
"The campus is a 20-minute walk from the city centre, which makes shopping slightly more daunting. On the other hand, if your accommodation is in the city centre then it's a fair trek to campus each day. There are loads of cafés and small study spaces around campus if you know where to look but study space in the library and in spaces specifically designed for studying is limited. Accommodation, especially that managed by the university, is really nice, especially in the student villages where there are washing facilities and a small shop. There are lots of good and interesting clubs around the city."
"The campus location itself is not too bad, only a 20-minute walk from the centre of town. The campus is amazing. It's green and open and promotes a content student life through its accommodating facilities and student-friendly areas. Student accommodation is well reviewed by all the students I know. I have visited a fair share of the accommodations facilities provided by the university and they are all well kept."
"The campus is above the city and within easy walking distance, which is really handy. The city centre has everything you need in it; all the shops as well as loads of fun places to go. The cathedral is beautiful, especially in winter when it's surrounded by Christmas markets. The quay is a wonderful place to spend the day in summer, with cute cafes and shops down by the water. Exeter is host to lots of concerts and shows to appeal to anyone. There is a variety of clubs too, which do some fun themed nights (Tuesday salsa nights are a must). Campus facilities are great and there is loads of space and plenty of places to eat on campus. The gym is massive and really up to date, although it can be quite expensive. Student accommodation varies across the different sites but I had a wonderful time where I was in my first year."
"Exeter is a small city with beautiful scenery and everything in close proximity to the university. Accommodation from the uni and outside the uni is very expensive but the rooms are a good standard and you definitely feel safe on campus with the campus patrol, who are friendly and approachable. There are a variety of societies from political-based to sports-based to being about your favourite tv shows. They hold various activities and get togethers throughout the week. Staff are friendly and helpful and there are various opportunities to pick up a part-time job at the university. The facilities are modern and useful, I often find myself working on campus due to its resources but the food prices are high and it's impossible to find a space to study in during exam time. However, the seating has been worked on with new study spaces appearing recently."
"There is plenty to do including a state-of-the-art gym and an excellent library."
"Campus is very compact and close to town and student accommodation, which is great. There are great sports facilities too."
"We're in a good location near to the city centre. The campus is lush and green in summer and facilities are very modern and new. Accommodation is ok and there are lots of societies and activities."


"The campus is outside a smallish town (Falmouth) with beautiful scenery. It also has beaches and is quieter than a university in a big city. The facilities are all good, partly because the campus is only 10 years old."
"The campus is modern and located within walking distance of the city. The only problem with it is all the hills!"
"It's a small town with a pretty campus close to beaches. The student accommodation is very varied but you pay for what you get, although it is quite expensive in Exeter."
"The city of Exeter is close by and, for many students, seems relatively small. Coming from a rural background I found this to be a perfect city for me though. The campus is green and welcoming with many modern buildings, although some are in need of refurbishment. However, it is a beautiful campus overall and is a pleasure to work in as well as being situated in a gorgeous part of the country."
"Exeter is lovely as a town in a countryside location that brings with it a slow, relaxed lifestyle for a student. The campus and facilities are modern with a huge amount of investment over the past few years that's already showing results with the Forum building and the sports facilities that helped us to achieve Sunday Times Sports University of the Year. Student accommodation was clean, modern and comfortable on the whole with private accommodation around Exeter being available and cosy."
"Everything is very close. The first year accommodation is a 10 to 20 minute walk from campus and both second and third year 10 to 30 minutes away. Accommodation varies in price according to how close it is to the uni and the town has a lot of shops and places to eat."
"Lafrowda, Rowe and Penny C are the best locations for first year accommodation for the Streatham campus as they're five minutes from everything. The city itself is beautiful and it's a 15 minute walk to the quay, which is cute and the choice of shops in town is decent. We have standard high street and some high-end shops too."
"The location is a downside, I would say, as it is quite far from London so can be hard to get here for international students. The town, however, is lovely. The campus is very well equipped, though you will rarely be able to find a place in the library. The student accommodation looks good, but there are not as many places as there could be."
"It's a beautiful campus that's close to the city centre but provides everything on campus so you don't actually have to go into town. Student accommodation is decent but expensive for what it is and there needs to be more study areas, there just aren't enough places to go."
"The location is excellent, a campus within the city. Accommodation is good (when you can find it) but very expensive, no matter the location."

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