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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"It's a very international university but not very ethnically diverse and people mostly have a public school background."
"Exeter does not have a very diverse student population. However, I think that has a lot to do with where the university is situated. I think the uni does a lot to encourage minorities and there are a lot of societies for people coming from diverse backgrounds."
"I'm unsure of what it does to attract a diverse variety of student but I do know that it accepts a lot of international students and it has a diversity officer within the students' union."
"I don't think that they intentionally aim to attract or seek out students from a diverse range of backgrounds. There is a limited number of ethnic minority groups and societies but, for the students who are from a different background, there is plenty of support for them."
"There is a hub for international students that supports them with their English requirements as well as an area where they can integrate with people from the same countries by offering international societies."
"There are a number of students studying abroad at Exeter and it's great to meet people from different cultures."
"I reckon it's fairly diverse in terms of gender and nationality, less so in terms of wealth. Pretty much everyone I've met went to a private school."


"The international outreach is good but diversity for closer-to-home students isn't so well represented."
"I think it does as the canteen often offers themed food from different countries and there are often social events hosted by societies to celebrate various festivals in different countries."
"I think this is one area the university is lacking in. The university has quite a posh image that continues to dominate despite efforts by the university to have more applicants from less privileged backgrounds."
"There are plenty of events and opportunities for international students to engage in. The international students' council is a prime example."
"There is a building specifically for international students that runs workshops and tutorials in essay writing and helps with grammar for those for when English is not their first language."
"Exeter has acknowledged that it needs to do more to encourage students from a diverse range of backgrounds."
"Exeter is quite high-end and attracts a very high number from privileged backgrounds, which is noticeable."
"I think they do what they can but it may be difficult to attract students from different backgrounds as they may be unable to afford the high expenses here."
"There are a variety of societies to join for all diverse cultures and interests. There are also a variety of programmes that can offer additional help regarding money and stressful situations."
"The university is home to students from across the globe, as well as the UK. There are strong international connections and a lot of effort is put into helping people to feel welcome."

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