University of Exeter


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Hills! The rush to find housing can be intense as houses start going as early as November."
"We have limited work space in the library at present because of ongoing construction work."
"The worst thing would have to be the hills. I lived at the bottom of a huge hill (Cardiac Hill), which was a struggle to climb every morning."
"The only issue is that there aren't really big, cheap food shops nearby so it's hard to get to one without a car. Also, I have struggled to find many good running routes other than the lovely walk along the river Exe."
"There's little one-to-one time with tutors and trains are not regular."
"The living costs and rising tuition fees. Accommodation fees are fairly high too."
"The gym gets very busy at peak times and it can be hard to get on a machine. The library and study areas fill up quickly during revision so it can be very hard to find a space."
"With more students coming to Exeter, more resources and study space is needed. Accommodation is overpriced and the nightlife is weak compared to other university cities."
"I've had a lack of help from some lecturers. More one-to-one help should be available."
"It can cost a lot to live in Exeter and the city is quite small."


"It's far away from my friends who go to other unis."
"The lack of study spaces due to the large number of undergraduates."
"Exeter can be very hilly in places."
"The living costs are high here."
"If you want an extensive and wild night scene, this is probably not best university. It's a small town with expensive housing."
"There could be better support for disabled students."
"As any Exeter student knows, the campus is on a hill and, while attractive, it can be a pain to get to. There can be a struggle to find study space on campus at the moment."
"There's something of a lack of diversity here."
"The whole place can be very competitive."
"There can be a lack of study space and I'd prefer a greater number of lectures per week."

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