University of Exeter


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The weather is unpredictable, the work is hard and the costs can be expensive."
"The membership fees for the sports clubs are excessively high due to repeatedly having to pay the athletics union fees."
"The campus is way too crowded because the university has allowed too many students in so there's no space in the library and no study spaces. The careers support is minimal, everything is generalised and nothing is tailored towards who you are as a person."
"It's a hilly campus and some modules are lacking in contact hours. A better student-teacher liaison is needed."
"The housing market for students is awful and significantly worse than at other universities in terms of supply and prices. You usually have to sort out a house for the next academic year by November, otherwise you have no chance of getting a house anywhere close to the university without spending a lot of money."
"It's a small city and doesn't have the best transport links."
"The Penryn/Cornwall campus seems to get treated as secondary to the main campus in Exeter."
"Second-year module choices are very limited, while third-year module choices are extremely open. It might have been better to have more of a balance."


"It's far away from my friends who go to other unis."
"The lack of study spaces due to the large number of undergraduates."
"Exeter can be very hilly in places."
"The living costs are high here."
"If you want an extensive and wild night scene, this is probably not best university. It's a small town with expensive housing."
"There could be better support for disabled students."
"As any Exeter student knows, the campus is on a hill and, while attractive, it can be a pain to get to. There can be a struggle to find study space on campus at the moment."
"There's something of a lack of diversity here."
"The whole place can be very competitive."
"There can be a lack of study space and I'd prefer a greater number of lectures per week."

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