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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are a lot of different societies available. However, the ones that are most engaging and have the biggest following tend to be the sporting and subject societies that run the most regular activities and meetings. The expedition society is fairly unique to our university and it runs annual exploratory expeditions all over the world that are planned, funded and executed by the students. Our partnership with Falmouth University allows for a more diverse range of societies but the amount is fewer than it might be given the smaller student population."
"It's very sporty but there are also lots of other societies from archery to board games and all sorts of sports."
"The social environment is really good. Everyone is friendly and relaxed and likes to enjoy themselves. There are plenty of societies that everyone can join with either a small fee or none at all. If you're really passionate about something you can start up a society yourself and get people to join. The sports facilities and gym are really up to date and the sports clubs have exclusive use of some of them."
"I really enjoyed being part of the canoe club and lacrosse this year. The music societies are really good too and helped me to meet lots of new people from different parts of the uni."
"The social environment is, in my opinion, one of the best things about Exeter. The way the campus is designed and the fact that it is a campus university makes it easy to make lots of friends. The numerous societies also make it easier in that respect as there are dozens to choose from."
"Exeter is really hot on sport with a huge number of teams ranging from serious athletes in training to casual society teams. There's a huge number of societies to choose from, so there will be one to appeal to anybody. Most of them are pretty active and organise socials and expeditions throughout the year. Being part of societies has been a huge part of my Exeter life and one of the most rewarding things I've done."
"There's a massive number of societies and clubs around campus, there's something for everyone! Some examples include choirs, a hide and seek society and sports socs etc."
"There are lots of sports clubs to join from badminton to football and basketball. In addition, the students' guild offers you lots of opportunities to enhance your social life."
"There are a variety of societies to get involved in and plenty of sports for all abilities. My uni offers lots more outward-bound sports such as hiking, caving and surfing too."


"Socially, the uni has a lot to offer with societies ranging from languages and cultures to sports such as surfing and skiing. We also have impressive sports facilities. The standard of sport is also very high so, if you're competing or even just improving yourself, it's a great place to be."
"Exeter is a very green city and this is promoted by the university. It has a very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and there are lots of clubs and societies for students to join ranging from debating to sports societies including caving."
"My personal favourite is the retro games society."
"There is an incredibly vast number of societies available, ranging from large to small. I myself am a member of a small steel band society with less than seven members, but there are also bigger societies that you can join such as surfing."
"Exeter is a very sporty university, which is apparent from day one as we excel in many of the sports in the inter-university leagues. This means that there is always a huge emphasis on joining sports societies etc. The social environment is fantastic and everybody is friendly, this is probably the most important thing to note."
"There are over 200 societies, so plenty to choose from. There are great sports facilities as well as a great gym and staff. We also have lots of food outlets including a Pret-A-Manger."
"Sport is very good! Teams can be hard to get into but the social scene is very inclusive and there's lots of friendly rivalry between societies."
"Exeter has a very social environment and has great sporting prestige. There are hundreds of different societies to join ranging from pole dancing and trampolining to art and design and debating."
"I am currently a member of the pole fitness society who won the south-west regionals this year! Joining was probably the best decision I have ever made as everyone there has made me feel very welcome."
"We have societies for just about anything and the gym is very good but equally expensive."

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