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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service puts on multiple career fairs throughout the year with the opportunity to talk to many potential employers."
"The employers that appear on campus are mostly business, law or finance oriented, with non-specific graduate schemes that seem to be people's panic option in third year even if they're not particularly enthusiastic about that industry just for the sake of having a job. The university should reach out to students that aren't interested in these fields to find out what kind of people they'd like to hear from, this is especially needed in creative industries."
"There's brilliant support from the careers zone and it's easy to access and get help. It aids us in getting placements and preparing for interviews."
"The careers service is great. It offers plenty of opportunities for students to gain work experience and get jobs."
"The univeristy hosts several career fairs over the year as well as having guest speakers from various sectors in industry come in to deliver lectures and seminars. The career zone offers excellent support for students who want to have their CV reviewed and want advice on interviews and how to make themselves more marketable."
"The university's careers support is called My Career Zone and it offers a plethora of ways to help students with getting part-time jobs, internships and also graduate jobs. They also offer mock interviews and there is always somebody you can go to to get advice. They can also check your CV for you. Every so often there is a careers fair, which can either be a general one or subject specific (eg Law or STEM) where companies have representatives who talk to students about internships and jobs. There is also the chance to be put in contact with alumni who studied the same degree as you or who work in a job sector you are considering yourself."
"Many employers stop by and hold events. The careers service is very extensive and has many courses and helpful advice available."


"The careers service is very helpful and provides support even after you graduate. On-campus job fairs are quite informative."
"The career zone offers a huge range of skills sessions throughout the year as well as presentation evenings and events with firms so that you can get a taste of what their work entails and whether the industry is something that you might want to go into. Lots of employers come to Exeter, including PwC, Morgan Stanley and Willis. It holds a careers fair once every year for all undergraduates and some colleges offer a similar fair but specifically targeted to its students (a law careers fair for example). The alumni network is quite extensive and they frequently organise events or send you updates."
"I have been made aware of how to improve my skills and go for practice interviews. I also receive weekly emails about jobs and fairs that may be of interest to me."
"The career zone has provided a plethora of opportunities to obtain soft skills and interview skills to make students readily available for the real working world. Employers that come to campus are regularly advertised by the career zone and this is the same for alumni networking sessions and career/recruitment fairs."
"We have big name employers coming to campus all the time and the career zone offers endless support."
"There is so much on offer to help you! You just have to be organised enough to take advantage of it."
"There are always recruiters on campus willing to talk and give careers advice. There is a career zone that alerts you to jobs and work experience opportunities and you can book a one-to-one career appointment to refine your CV. Also, there are career-specific fairs where big names come and offer their time to answer questions about the company and jobs/internships they have available and when/how to apply."
"There are presentations and workshops by companies every week and also career and internship fairs put on frequently. Along with help from the career zone, you can sort yourself out for the future with plenty of information."
"The careers service is incredible, really helpful and full of opportunities and guidance. My course itself is incredibly good at getting you ready for a job and there are job fairs and other opportunities on campus."
"It's easy to set up meetings. I've had very helpful advice regarding my course, CV and internship applications. Career fairs are useful and you can get a lot of good info from them."

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